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Community Walk Saturday August 1

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7.30GVWalkOn Saturday morning, August 1, please join the German Village Walking Club as they host a community walk, which will include other walking groups in Central Ohio – New Albany Walking Club, Buckeye Striders Walking & Racewalking Club, and the Gahanna Get Moving Team – for a walk around downtown Columbus. Everyone is invited for this free urban walk, and all walking levels are encouraged.

The event starts at 8am at the Schiller statue in German Village’s Schiller Park. Choose from a 3-mile route, which includes Schiller Park, Columbus Commons, and the Statehouse, or a 5-mile route, which continues on to Nationwide Arena, Arch Park, Bicentennial Park and the Scioto Mile.

Parking is available on the streets surrounding Schiller Park – Reinhard, Jaeger, Deshler, and City Park. The event is supported by Second Sole Short North, providing water and Gatorade. Afterwards, join all teams for a social gathering at Winans German Village Chocolate and Coffee Shop, 897 S. Third Street, one block from Schiller Park, as Winans is providing their wonderful coffee for the gathering.  For more information on the event, or joining the German Village Walking Club, please email Larry Smith at

Brick Sidewalk Maintenance Tips

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-by Historic Preservation Advocate Sarah Marsom

7.30BricksAre you looking to spruce up your sidewalk with a little bit of routine maintenance? These simple tips can clean up your sidewalk and ensure it is smooth and safe.

-Pack in the cracks! Did the heavy summer rains wash away your masonry sand? Add new sand into the cracks of your brick pavers in spring to avoid weeds and maintain paver stability! Sand without aggregates comes out easier, so make sure to use masonry sand.

– While washing away any grime from your sidewalk, be aware of any sand coming out of the joints and avoid spraying the joints directly to minimize sand loss. Joints are the spaces between the bricks filled with sand or in other situations mortar.

-If there are remnants of city paint on your sidewalk, you may want to try applying paint thinner, and wiping off with a clean rag.

– Do not seal your pavers! Sealing pavers is not appropriate for the historic district and is an added cost. Contrary to advertising, sealants do not increase the longevity of brick pavers. Sealants instead retain moisture inside the bricks, which prevents them from expanding and contracting to excrete moisture. If moisture cannot escape a brick, it expedites the breaking or spalling of brick (when the face of the brick falls off).

Maintaining your sidewalk will increase its lifespan and save you and other pedestrians from potential trip hazards. Do you have any tips or tricks to sidewalk maintenance that YOU would like to share? Email me at or call 221-8888.

Making A Contract Paying A Contractor

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-by Historic Preservation Advocate Sarah Marsom

7.30ContractorPymtLast week in Neighbors4Neighbors, you learned some tips to choose the best contractor for your home improvement project. This week, we are providing you some tips on how to create a contract that helps protect you, as well as some payment methodologies.

-Include every detail of the project in your written contract. Make sure the following are included: building permits and Certificate of Appropriateness, process to authorize unexpected extra costs, and warranty.

– It is highly recommended to not pay more than 10-25% of the total job estimate once the contract has been signed. This is a common practice nationwide and is set in place to protect homeowners from theft in addition to allowing the client to monitor the work being performed to ensure it is what was agreed upon. Payment plan should be stipulated in the contract based on work completed and scope of work. The Ohio Attorney General says “Don’t pay a contractor a large sum of money in advance. Pay a reasonable down payment – perhaps 20 percent of the total cost – but reserve final payment until the job is fully completed. Always get a receipt for partial payments or deposits.”

– Never pay cash and keep track of your payments. Paying with check or credit card, will allow you to easily track payments and provide proof if there is ever a dispute.

While navigating the hiring of a contractor, it is important to remember that your decision should not be dictated by who offers the lowest bid. It is important for you to find a trustworthy contractor that has the skills to complete the scope of work you desire in addition to understanding of how you envision the completed work. Ask neighbors for referrals if you like the results of their home improvement project or scan old German Village Commission agendas for names of architects and contractors familiar with the neighborhood.  Do you have questions about finding a professional familiar with historic structures or what the German Village guidelines will permit? Email me at or call 221-8888.

August 4 German Village Commission Agenda & Applications

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The German Village Commission agenda will be added HERE once finalized by the Columbus Historic Preservation Office.

214 East Sycamore-conceptual review of a new rear addition/ removal of a non-original addition

217 219 East Whittier-back patio

251 Jackson-remove window opening

279 281 East Sycamore-replace fence

282 East Sycamore-rear balcony

301 305 East Sycamore -porch railing

515 517 City Park-replace slate roof

548 South Third-new signage

563 South Grant-conceptual review of an addition

630 South Third-repave parking lot

685 South Third-new garage doors

714 S Sixth-replace window

744 Jaeger-replace retaining wall

747 City Park-install skylights, replace door, replace window, replace patio

799 Mohawk-variance request to reduce the maximum side yard setback

830 832 City Park-replace windows

1069 Jaeger Street– repave parking lot; remove existing sidewalks and install new sidewalks

Frank Fetch Park – new benches

N4N July 23

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Limestone Can Be Conserved!

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By: Historic Preservation Advocate Sarah Marsom

Your limestone foundation, stoops, carriage posts, etc… can all be conserved! Conservation is the act of preserving, guarding or protection. In the case of your limestone, conservation will include creating the correct chemical compound that matches with the coloration of your limestone and properly solves the crumbling or cracking concerns. One of the key elements to properly preserving your limestone (or any other historic materials) is finding the correct contractor. Fortunately for homeowners of historic properties in Columbus, there are contractors that are extremely skilled in historic stone conservation, masonry, roofing, gutters, and other aspects of historic homes. Proper conservation of your limestone can ensure it will last another 100+years!

Do you have a home repair question? I am happy to help you find proper preservation contractors, inform you of correct techniques, or assist in putting together your Certificate of Appropriateness application. Thanks to the German Village Society’s Heritage Ohio membership, we have access to a statewide directory of preservation professionals skilled in everything from plaster repair to masonry. The German Village Society does not make recommendations for contractors, but can provide information on potential contractors. Call 221-8888 or email

How To Pick A Contractor

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By: Historic Preservation Advocate Sarah Marsom

Picking a contractor to repair any aspect of your home can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to find a contractor that will properly fix your sidewalk, masonry, or any other home repair.

-Ask your neighbors! Have you seen a project in the neighborhood that is well done and what you are looking for? Do not hesitate to ask your neighbors! Your neighbors will give you an honest opinion on how it was working with that specific contractor. You can also look at old German Village Commission agendas online; to see if anyone has recently applied for a project similar to yours!

-Call the City of Columbus (311) to verify that the contractor is licensed! A licensed contractor provides a level of assurance and accountability, so that you know they have some knowledge of city code and requirements.

-Once you have found a few potential contracts, get written estimates from all of them.

After you have narrowed down, which contractor you want to improve your home, you will start to create a contract.   Next week, N4N will cover tips to creating a contract and how you should pay a contractor to ensure you are not being taken advantage of.  The German Village Society does not recommend contractors, but can provide vendor information from Heritage Ohio and the German Village Business Community. Email or call 221-8888 if you have any home improvement questions.

214 E. Sycamore NOT Being Demolished

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In the July 16 edition of This Week News article “House Demolition Approved By Commission,” a photograph of 214 E. Sycamore was printed. 214 E. Sycamore was NOT approved for demolition and it is the new homeowner’s goal to restore the property.

The German Village Commission conceptually approved demolition of 290 E. Sycamore just down the block. The GVC has been discussing this property since late 2014, and both the Columbus Historic Preservation Office and members of the German Village Commission performed a site visit to inspect and ensure that the property had lost its historic integrity as the owner claims.   Through a multitude of architectural modifications over years, the home was no longer representative of the architectural styles, which are indicative of the German immigrant heritage. The home no longer has original building materials, lacks proper structural supports, among other elements, which led to the German Village Commission determining its eligibility for demolition.

Throughout the neighborhood, there are homes in need of repair, such as 214 E.Sycamore or  747 City Park that are in the process of a restoration. There are additional properties in need of restoration, before they lose their architectural and structural integrity. As a neighborhood, it is important for everyone’s eyes to be open to poorly maintained structure and to report the properties to 311.

311 can issue code violations to the property owners for property neglect, an un-secured vacant property, and more. If you choose to report a property to 311 for neglect, please email or call, and the German Village Society will also report the property. Email or call me at or 221-8888 if you have any questions about problem properties in the neighborhood or about the German Village Commission.

July 13 GVS BOT Minutes

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GVS Election Slate Set

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2015 Election Slate for German Village Society – Board of Trustees

This year’s slate brings the GVS a broad base of experience, expertise and energy.  The goal of the Organizational Development Committee is to ensure the Board of Trustees is a balanced organization representing a range of individual talents that can provide our neighborhood with the most responsible leadership.  In the future the work of the ODC will help strengthen our leadership capabilities as we work to attract the very best our neighborhood can offer.

Ballots will be in the mail by Aug. 4 with voting open through Aug. 25. Only current members of German Village Society on July 28 (the day the mailing team meets) will be eligible to vote. One vote each to GVBC, YP and Individual members. Two ballots are sent to membership levels Household and up. Make sure your membership is up to date.

Tim BiblerTim Bibler

Year(s) of GVS Membership: 14+ years

GVS Events Volunteered & Duration of Volunteer (list):

  • Haus und Garten Tour 14+ years
  • Art Crawl 1

 GVS Committee(s) Served, Position(s) or Role(s) (list):

  • Streetscape Committee, Chair
  • Finance Committee, Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Parking Committee, Chair
  • Civic Relations Committee, Member
  • Organizational Development Committee, Member

As a Trustee, what skills and experiences would you bring to support the mission and vision of GVS?

Using skills and experiences learned from my MBA program that specialized in organizational effectiveness, leadership and management of resources and using my experiences as a labor relations consultant for more than 23 years.

In which areas would you like to be active as a leader in accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS?

I would like to continue to provide leadership as Treasurer and continue the work reviewing and updating the Society’s financial processes.  Also, continue to participate in the completion of the Third Street Project.


WLC 8x10William L. Curlis

Year(s) of GVS Membership: 25+

GVS Events Volunteered & Duration of Volunteer (list):

  • Haus und Garten Tour, 25+ years
  • PreTour host, Many
  • Oktoberfest, Chair and Volunteer
  • Kindred Spirits, 3 years


 GVS Committee(s) Served, Position(s) or Role(s) (list):

  • President, Board of Trustees
  • Secretary, Board of Trustees
  • Civic Relations, Chair
  • Organizational Development Committee, Member

As a Trustee, what skills and experiences would you bring to support the mission and vision of GVS?

Since moving to the Village in 1990, I have served as a volunteer, committee member, and trustee.  I have enjoyed a tremendous sense of reward from selling Haus und Garten Tour tickets, recruiting volunteers, hosting pre-tour dinners, and mulching trees in Schiller Park.

In which areas would you like to be active as a leader in accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS?

I believe the Society is responsible for creating a community spirit, maintaining property values, and lobbying for our fair share of City resources.  Our partnership with the Columbus Police, the Recreation and Parks Department, the German Village Business Community, the Ohio Department of Transportation, and Nationwide Children’s Hospital will shape the future of our neighborhood and I would like to continue to foster those relationships by serving on the Board.


Greg GamierHeadshot

Year(s) of GVS Membership: 12+

 GVS Events Volunteered & Duration of Volunteer (list):

  • Village Lights, Chair
  • Art Crawl, Chair
  • Pet Parade, Chair


GVS Committee(s) Served, Position(s) or Role(s) (list):

  • German Village Business Community, Chair
  • Village Singers, Member and Volunteer

As a Trustee, what skills and experiences would you bring to support the mission and vision of GVS?

I view my primary role on the Board as a facilitator between residents and  business owners in the historic district, both of whom contribute so much to the fabric and desirability of the neighborhood.

In which areas would you like to be active as a leader in accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS?

Small businesses are a big part of our community.  We are a unique neighborhood where homeowners, renters and business share close quarters and work together to ensure success in our vibrant home we call “The Village.” I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and dig in where the work needs to be done.

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