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A GVS and GV Commission Pioneer

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-by Russ Arledge, Curator of Archives and Facilities

Throughout the entire 55 year history of German Village everyone knows and talks about August Wagner and his brewery located at the NW corner of W Sycamore & S Front St, but what about his daughter Helen Wagner? Did you know she was very active in the German Village Society and was one of the first members of the German Village Commission? Here are a few tidbits of her commitment and legacy to the German Village Society.

1962 December p3

Helen Wagner appeared on national TV in “What’s My Line?”  in June 1962!

(Note: she was the 2nd of 3 mystery guests, episode #616)


1966 October p3


Since the last Newsletter, there has been a re-organization of the German Village

Commission, We now have a 7-member Commission as opposed to 5 member Commission formerly. The new Commission consists of:

Lawrence Schaffer, Chairman
Roger Dennison, Architect
Helen Wagner
William Hoermle
Clovis Nogawick
Phil Henry
William Scheurer

Frank Fetch was re-appointed Secretary.

Some up-dating and changes in the present Code are contemplated. You will be kept posted as to any changes.


1970 August p1


Many people have inquired as to who the members are on the German Village Commission.

For your information, the present members are:

Col. James R. Allen – Chairman
Roger M. Dennison – Vice Chairman
Miss Helen Wagner – Secretary
Mr. William P. Hoermle
Mr. Philip Henry
Mr. Clovis Nogawick
Mr. Raymond Phillips

1975 November p5

“About People”

Miss Helen Wagner, GVS Charter Member and one of the first five appointees of the German Village Commission was honored recently by Hiram College in northeastern Ohio. Helen, a trustee of the college, was inducted into membership by the Garfield Society, formed to recognize individuals whose public and private careers have demonstrated dedication to the welfare of their communities and nation. The Society is named for the 20th United States President, James A. Garfield. Before retirement, Miss Wagner was vice president of the August Wagner Breweries, Inc. in Columbus. She has served on numerous boards of civic organizations and for 10 years was a member of the German Village Commission. Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court C. William O’Neill was the speaker at the ceremonies and also was among those inducted into the Garfield Society. Signaling the German Village restoration as a heritage worth preserving for future generations, the Society and the Village have been honored by the “Connie” Award presented to William A. Scheurer, immediate past president of the Society, in Washington, D.C., October 17. The “Connie” Award, sponsored by the Society of American Travel Writers, and ‘representing outstanding contributions to a quality travel environment through conservation and preservation was given to nine individuals from throughout the country in a luncheon-ceremony at the official residence of Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. In presenting the award, Vice President Rockefeller stated that he was aware that restoration of German Village is being accomplished with private capital and praised the Society and the community for their sense of history and environmental concern. Recommendation for the “Connie” Award was made to the Society of American Travel Writers by the Ohio Travel and Tour Organization, an association which has referred many travel writers to German Village.

1980 Jul/Aug p3

Trustees Elected to Board Newly elected Trustees serving on the Board of the German Village Foundation whose terms began on July 1, 1980 are Richard Bauer, Professor of Art, Capital University and Director of The Schumacher Gallery; Sidney Druen, Assistant Secretary and Associate General Counsel, Nationwide Insurance Companies; Carl Graf, Vice President, Banc Ohio and President, The Columbus Maennerchor; Walter Kropp, President, Franklin Federal

Savings and Loan Association and Past President of the Columbus Library Board; and Helen Wagner, Retired President of the August Wagner Brewing Company. Officers of the Board of Trustees are William Scheurer, President; Carl Magnuson, Vice-President; Loyd Kintz, Secretary; and Grace Highfield, Treasurer. Re-elected to the Board of Trustees were Dr. Morris Battles, Mary Louise Hendricks, Fred Holdridge, Jerry Janes, and Byron Kohn.

1986 Sep/Oct p3

The Oktoberfest of 1986 by Fred Holdridge

The return of the German Village Oktoberfest to German Village in the Old Brewery section after a fifteeen year absence was a resounding success. Since its inception the German Village Foundation has been seeking a fundraiser to finance the hiring of a fulltime director and to afford some of its other projects for enhancing the Village. Two years of planning culminated in this year’s Oktoberfest in the Old Brewery section. Under the chairmanship of Fred Holdridge and the fine directing of Aaron Leventhal, an extraordinary event was planned for September 5, 6, and 7. Helen Wagner, of Wagner Breweries, tapped the first keg in the shadow of the statue of King Gambrinus at Sycamore and Front, and Carl Graf led the parade which included all the singing clubs in the South End, to the main stage and officially opened the Oktoberfest on Friday, Sept. 5th.

1993 Nov/Dec p7

Helen Wagner

The death of Helen Wagner on August 12 saddened our members. Helen grew up in the near Southside and followed her father into the brewery business. She took time to serve on the very first German Village Commission. In January we will tell more of her kindness and thoughtfulness toward German Village.

1994 Nov/Dec p1

Court Hall and all his volunteer researchers plus the expertise of Brewmaster David Foster brought to life the history of the brewery business and its impact on the growth of Columbus and German Village during the German-American Day Celebration the evening of October 6. Helen Wagner’s stein collection and brewery memorabilia was on display through October 28 in the Fest Hall of the Meeting Haus.

(Note: the exhibit case in the Visitor Center is full of artifacts donated by Helen Wagner)

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July 14- Board of Trustees Minutes

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August 9 | 7 p.m. | The Gallery at Brent Warner Fest Hall | 588 S. Third St.

What happens when chefs take inspiration from art – a fusion of local talent sparks new flavors.

Join German Village Art League for Mouth Watering Art. GVAL members will create pieces – local chefs will create dishes based on the art!

Participating Restaurants and Chefs


Barcelona                                                                     Pistacia Vera

Jacob Hough, Exec. Chef                                             Emily Hutton – Exec. Dessert Chef


G. Michaels                                              The Sycamore

David Tetzloff , Exec. Chef                      Bradley Balch, Exec. Chef

Tickets are $25 per person to taste, sip and enjoy. ($20 for Wex members)


The German Village Art League, partnering with German Village Society and the Wexner Center for the Arts, is hosting a fundraiser for the German Village Art League (GVAL).  GVAL spends 100% of all donations and membership fees to promote member artists and their work.  GVAL accomplishes this by holding one juried art exhibition, 2-3 all member art shows, 2 “All Member Feedback” (members critique each other’s work) and social networking.

Event Description

GVAL is pleased to offer this premier event which includes a juried art exhibition (all art is for sale) and a fundraiser with participating restaurants of German Village, including, Barcelona, G. Michaels, Pistachia Vera and The Sycamore.  The chefs of each restaurant will be assigned a juried art piece to be used as inspiration for a dish that will be presented at the event on August 9th.

Ticket Price

$25/person or $20/Wexner Center for the Arts members who identify themselves as members of WCA – only.

To Purchase Tickets

Tickets may be purchased in advance at the German Village Meeting Haus at 588 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215 – 614) 221-8888 or at the door, the evening of the event.  Cash or Checks Only.   The money will be collected every week and should be given only to Doug Titchenal or Kate Anderson

Any questions should be directed to Kate Anderson, President, German Village Art League at or (614)558-3105.

The corresponding exhibit will hang Aug. 1 – 24.


The Gallery at Brent Warner Fest Hall at the German Village Society Meeting Haus

588 S. Third St.

Exhibit open Aug. 1 – 24 | M-F 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Sun. 12-3 p.m.

Gay Pioneers Tour Aligns With Preservation Message

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-by Sarah Marsom, Historic Preservation Advocate

German Village’s history has been comprised of many wonderful individuals, during the neighborhood’s early years, when the neighborhood was being revitalized and present day.  The typical German Village Society tour talks about the neighborhood in generals- the architecture, what makes it a great neighborhood, the parks, interesting facts about the history of various buildings, and tours frequently mention Frank Fetch and/or Fred and Howard.

When reflecting on the individuals that made a major impact on German Village in the 1960s and beyond, names like Bob Gease, Bob Eckel, Steve Shellabarger, and Bob Hurry start to repeat.  All of these men made a profound impact Gay Pioneers Touron the neighborhood, whether it was Gease’s role at Huntington Bank, which allowed people in the South End to get loans, or Hurry’s impeccable restorations of multiple homes, which created “Hurryville”, these men all shaped German Village and help make it what it is today.

One commonality for many men that came to German Village in the early years was their sexuality, they were gay.  While this fact was not broadcasted in the open for most of them, it was integral part to whom they were and why they chose to move to German Village in the first place.  The Gay Pioneers of German Village tour is intended to interpret the lives of individuals that impacted the community and whose stories just happen to be intertwined by their sexual orientation.   It is imperative for historic sites to preserve and tell the stories of individuals who are a part of a minority, because these histories are often forgotten and lost.  Through the launch of the Gay Pioneers of German Village Tour, we will be preserving our neighborhood’s history, while simultaneously leading heritage tourism nationally with this innovative tour.

Are you interested in participating in a Gay Pioneers of German Village test tour?  Contact me at or 221-8888.  The July 24th tour is full and the other options are filling up quickly (August 2nd and 10th).  Are you unable to come to a tour, but still want to participate?  Contact me and provide input on who you thought made an impact on German Village.

Why Did Someone Paint That Brick House?

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-by Sarah Marsom, Historic Preservation Advocate

Many people have noticed that the home directly south of the Book Loft has received a facelift, the brick has been painted grey.  Why would the commission approve a home that had mostly unpainted brick to be painted?  This structure was one of the rare instances where painting brick is beneficial to the longevity of the structure.  Homes throughout German Village were abrasively power washed during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, before it was discovered that this is extremely harmful to brick.  High level power washing removes the hard exterior of the brick leaving the softer interior exposed to the elements.  Power washing is just one of the possibilities as to why bricks deteriorate.   Bricks may be harmed by any of the following:

  1. Allowing ivy and other vegetation to grow directly on the brick and mortar.  While ivy on brick may be beautiful, it is very harmful and causes stone and mortar to experience water damage and the roots tear the mortar apart.  If you enjoy the way ivy against brick looks, but want to avoid harming your brick, you should consider installing a trellis.
  2. The original brick may have been improperly manufactured.   What makes brick homes in German Village beautiful is the irregularity of the bricks.  Many of the homes in German Village were built from handmade bricks.  Due to how they were manufactured, the bricks may have been inherently weak, which could have been caused by materials used to make the brick or not letting the brick properly heat up or cool down before using it.
  3. Water damage.  Water may be seeping in through the mortar (because of weather fluctuations or caused by improper mortar repairs – never use cement) causing the brick to spell and expose the softer interiors of the brick.

While some of the brick does warrant a fresh paint job, not all.  Old House Web has an informative restoration guide that presents options for masonry cleaning and alternatives to painting your home.  Alternatives to painting include a variety of clear protective coatings.  Do you want to learn the proper way to clean your brick or have your brick be evaluated for damage?  Please contact me at  or 221-8888.

Election Slate Set for Board Of Trustees

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At the July 14, 2014, German Village Society Board of Trustees meeting, the Organizational Development Committee announced  its slate of  candidates for the 2014 election cycle. They are Nick Cavalaris, Kelly Clark, Jeanne Likins, Trevor Major and Dave Wible. Learn more about the candidates below. Members will receive ballots the week of August 4.

Nick CavalarisNick Cavalaris 101_4617

Year(s) of GVS Membership: 10 years

GVS Events Volunteered & Duration of Volunteer (list):

  • Haus und Garten Tour Operations Committee, 2008-present
  • Visitors Center volutneer, 2010-present
  • Oktoberfest, five years

 GVS Committee(s) Served, Position(s) or Role(s) (list):

  • Long-Range Planning Committee, 2008-2011
  • Board of Trustees, 2011 (elected)-2014
  • Finance Committee Chair, 2012-2014
  • Treasurer, 2012-2014

As a Trustee, what skills and experiences would you bring to support the mission and vision of GVS?

As a Trustee I will use my experience as a former GVS Board member and land-use attorney to further the mission of historic preservation and offer a perspective that the Village is not set in stone but a living, vibrant part of Columbus that encourages investment and permits smart, appropriate new development and building renovations. The Society and especially the Meeting Haus can play a vital role as a community center and a hub for people to meet for many purposes, large and small.

In which areas would you like to be active as a leader in accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS?

As a former Treasurer of the Society and Finance Committee Chair, I can assist with financial matters but I am willing to help with any committee that may need assistance. As a zoning attorney, I regularly act as legal counsel and lead a team of developers and design professionals to achieve the entitlements needed for a new development.

Kelly ClarkClark_Kelly

Year(s) of GVS Membership: 7 years, since 2007

GVS Events Volunteered & Duration of Volunteer (list):

  • Haus und Garten Tour Volunteer since 2007
  • Frank Fetch Park Watering Crew since 2007, Married there in 2007
  • Manager of German Village Cupcakes since 2007
  • Friends of Schiller Park since 2012
  • German Village Oktoberfest Volunteer since 2007

 GVS Committee(s) Served, Position(s) or Role(s) (list):

  • Co Chair with my wife (Sarah Irvin Clark) of 2007 German Village Haus & Garten Tour
  • Haus und Garten Tour Pre Tour Dinner host 2012, 2014
  • Co Chair of German Village Society 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • Co Chair of Friends of Schiller Park “Kindred Spirits” inaugural evening of Scotch and Cigars

As a Trustee, what skills and experiences would you bring to support the mission and vision of GVS?

I bring an extreme amount of love, adoration and admiration of this community to the GVS. I love, adore and admire this neighborhood and my fellow Villagers and want to be a part of keeping The Village a place where people aspire to visit, live and conduct business.

My background is in restaurant management and account management so I’m used to putting other people first and working through unique and, at times, difficult situations. As the son of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, I was trained at a very young age to be a good listener and to make sure to let people know that they’ve been heard.

My experience from living in The Village is that the Villagers are a very passionate bunch. We all love this neighborhood. We may have differing opinions but we can get to solution space with the best interests of The Village in mind. My experience here also has made me aware of silos that are present. I believe that all sides coming to the table and talking things out with the best interest of this neighborhood in mind can break down the silos.

My nature is to think “outside the box”, to come up with solutions, to ask the questions that have never been asked and to help create an environment where differing opinions can be heard, discussed and decided upon while allowing everyone to have the satisfaction of being heard and noted.

In which areas would you like to be active as a leader in accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS?

My commitment to the GVS if elected would be to continue to actively participate in the activities that I’m currently involved in (Haus und Garten Tour, Pre Tour, Frank Fetch Park and Friends of Schiller Park) as well as attend GVS meetings whenever I am in town. Although my occupation requires that I spend a significant amount of time traveling, my work and travel has not and will not rob me of my passion for The Village and my fellow Villagers. I will donate as much time and energy as I am able to accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS.

Joe KurzerJKurzer bio photo

Year(s) of GVS Membership: Since 2000

 GVS Events Volunteered & Duration of Volunteer (list):

  • Haus und Garten Tour: 5 previous tours – supporting volunteering as house docent and for 2014 Tour – having home on tour
  • Supported 4 Oktoberfests  (2000 – 2005) – working as beer server
  • Supported Frank Fetch summer garden committee (2 summers)


GVS Committee(s) Served, Position(s) or Role(s) (list):

  • GVS – 2014: non voting board member (May 2014)

 As a Trustee, what skills and experiences would you bring to support the mission and vision of GVS? As a 20 year events executive (currently employed by L Brands as Senior Manager of Events and Associate Engagement for Victoria’s Secret Stores) – I provide experience in organizing and managing events for small as well as large-scale programs (including a laser-light show for 10,000 in Hong Kong,) including managing budgets, overseeing event committees and managing teams to execute event programs. Additionally, my role includes developing associate recognition and engagement programs. I have previously held positions with non-profits responsible for community outreach and developing fundraising campaigns (previous held position as Director of Marketing of the Columbus Jewish Federation and currently serving as co-lead for LBrands GLBT Group: Evolve, Victoria’s Secret Store Ops manager for Pelotonia Field participation and serving on the Wexner Center’s Donor Circle Council.) As a University of Cincinnati DAAP graduate With a bachelor of science in design – I have an extensive experience in brand identity development and managing brand programs for a number of consumer brands (featured in How Business Annual and speaker at annual conference) as well as supporting the design and execution of the city of Cincinnati’s Bicentennial stationery and signage program.

In which areas would you like to be active as a leader in accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS?

My passion and interest is advocating for community outreach and garnering greater corporate supporting and funding by local businesses and Columbus based corporations.

Jeanne Likinspic_jeanne_likins

Years of GVS Membership:  since 1984 when we moved to German Village

GVS Events Volunteered and Duration of Volunteer:

  • Homes on tour, 1985, 1992
  • Haus & Garten tour almost as many years as we have lived here
  • Oktoberfest most years 1988-2010
  • Co-wrote 1999 Haus & Garten Tour house profiles
  • Pre-Tour Dinner Hosts, 2008-present

GVS Committees Served, Position or Roles:

  • Project Coordinator, Heritage America:  The First National Symposium of Historic Communities, 1986
  • Trustee, German Village Foundation, 1986-89, President 1988-89 (later became part of GVS)
  • Facilitator, GVS retreats 1996, 1997
  • Member, Grace Highfield Garden creation and dedication committees, 1997-98
  • Member, Nominating Committee 1997 & 1998, Chair 1998
  • Founding Chair, Parks and Public Spaces and Community Events Committee, 1999-2007
  • Facilitator, GVS Enhancement Plan Committee, 2000-2004
  • Member, GVS Executive Committee, 2003-present
  • Member, Long Range Planning Committee, 2005-present
  • GVS Trustee, 2005-present
  • Chair, GVS New Business Model Task Force, 2006-2009
  • Member, Streetscape Committee, 2006-2014 (board liaison 2010-2013)
  • Chair, Membership Committee, 2009-2011 (board liaison 2012)
  • GVS Secretary, 2010-2013
  • Member, Mobile Website Development Committee, 2011
  • Member, 2014 Great Placemakers Lab Steering Committee, 2012-present
  • Chair, Organizational Development Committee, 2013-14
  • GVS President, 2013-present

As a Trustee, what skills and experiences would you bring to support the mission and vision of GVS? During my years of GVS service, I’ve acquired an in-depth knowledge about many facets of the GVS.  This includes learning important details about the Society’s history, finances and operations, including staff functions and activities, Meeting Haus use and maintenance, expectations of various constituencies, and the current place of the Society in the context of its history.   Also, I have sorted through the details of our budget, which while not large, is complex because of its multiple committees, funds and activities.

These experiences provide a solid foundation as we sharpen our focus to deliver on our mission and, to be financially sustainable into the foreseeable future.  The sharpest skills I offer:

  • commitment
  • collaboration
  • written and verbal communication skills
  • organizing people and tasks
  • consistent follow through
  • reliability
  • thoroughness
  • patience
  • perseverance
  • supervision and management
  • dispute resolution/mediation
  • passion about German Village and a strong commitment to leverage our strengths and resources to sustain and enhance our unique community and its Society

In which areas would you like to be active as a leader in accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS? 

Particular areas of interest for my engagement:

  • matching members with the fun and challenging opportunities and tasks
    • implementation of the GVS Strategic Plan (presently being conceptualized)
    • streetscape, including parks and other public areas
    • organizational development and effective governance

Dave WibleDave Wible photo

Year(s) of GVS Membership: Since 1998/17 Years

 GVS Committee(s) Served, Position(s) or Role(s) (list):

  • Haus and Garten Tour Volunteer.  Started in 2000
  • Co-chair Pre-tour Dinner with wife circa 2004
  • Oktoberfest.  Various years when associated with GVS
  • Current member of Civic Relations Committee—since 2013
  • Current member Parking Committee—since 2013

As a Trustee, what skills and experiences would you bring to support the mission and vision of GVS? As the former Executive Director of the North Market, I have broad knowledge and experience with not-for-profit organizations.    I served as the ED of the North Market for 13 years, retiring in January 2013.  My experience at North Market provided me with a solid foundation of not-for-profit governance, financial management, board relations, event management, promotions and organizational structure.  The North Market, not unlike GermanVillage, is an important destination for residents and visitors.  My role at North Market focused on ensuring that the market was a vibrant and relevant in a competitive retail marketplace.  These skills will be valuable to the board and the GVS.

In which areas would you like to be active as a leader in accomplishing the tasks and priorities of the GVS? In addition to my duties with the Civic Relations and Parking Committees, I believe I could add value in the areas of governance, financial management and branding/promotion of the community.

Art, Historic Preservation Go Hand In Hand

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- by Russ Arledge, Curator of Archives and Facilities

It might surprise you to learn that Art in German Village has been a constant since day one! While Frank Fetch was busy promoting historic preservation in the early 1960’s, others in German Village were busy restoring buildings to house their art frame shops, art studios, and art galleries. German Village has long been the center of the Art in the Columbus area with our continued support of the “Wet Paint” contest during the Annual Haus und Garten Tour, our hosting of 4-6 Art exhibits per year in the Brent Warner Fest Hall, and the continued presence of art galleries and frame shops in German Village to this very day.

A special note: the tradition continues… don’t miss the Annual German Village “Art Crawl” this weekend, Saturday July 19th 5-9pm, on Macon Alley!


1962 Jan p2

Visit Magnusons newly restored building… the picture framing company at 625 South Third Street.

(and through their doors pass more mink coats than most any place in Columbus.)

1963 Mar p2

VILLAGE ART COLONY. Phil Kientz, a trustee of the GVS, and two of his friends, have opened an art school called the Village Art Colony. It’s located across the street from the GV office at 631 3. Third St. All three teachers are accomplished artists, Phil having graduated from Columbus Art School, Byron Kohn from Ohio University, and George Wilson from Pratt Institute.

Visit the “Colony” and see some of their work on display. Applications are still being accepted and forms may be obtained either at the Colony or at the GVS office. It’s a good way to meet people, it’s fun, and, who knows, you may discover hidden talents. We wish the Colony a long and prosperous life.

1963 Mar P3

“Lefty” and Peg Pusecker have bought Oberlander’s double near Beck and Fifth and are busy at restoring it for their own occupancy. Lefty will have his portrait studio there.

1967 June p1


“There is a little village, with houses big and small;

It’s a friendly little village where artists like to draw.”

“What a lovely little village, where the young and old abide,

The streets inlaid with dreams, where the Old World comes alive!”

Excerpts of the above poem was written in honor of the German Village by Miss Patricia L. Walters, whose original song, CHRISTMAS IN BECK SQUARE, was sung by- the Stewart Ave. School choir on television, radio and in person during the Holiday Season.

1968 April p3


By action of the Board of Trustees, artists wishing to use the German Village patio for exhibits should contact the German Village office to make definite arrangements. First artist to have a show is Louis Mendez, of the O.S.U. faculty, who will exhibit ceramics and sculpture…

1979 May/Jun p1







1986 Jul/Aug p2




1987 May/June p2


First Time Ever!

The first German Village Gallery Gala will be on Saturday, July 11. It will be an elegant chauffeured tour of several of the Village’s better galleries with hors d’oeuvres and refreshments along the way, culminating in coffee and dessert at a Village restaurant. There will be only a limited ticket sale at fifty dollars per person. The income from this event and several others sponsored by German Village artists will help finance the Artists’ Show in the early Fall.


1989 Mar/Apr p3

Gallery Gala

The 1989 German Village GALLERY GALA has been scheduled for Saturday, May 13th at 7:30 p.m. Enjoy an evening of pampered elegance as limousines ferry you to a number of the city’s most exclusive galleries. At each you’ll savor the specialties of some of the finest chefs before capping the evening with a private dessert reception. Galleries and restaurants which have already committed to participate include Design 436, Laura Paul Gallery, Byron’s Gallery, Pellington Gallery, Blue Sky Gallery, Lindey’s, The Old Swiss Haus, and A Moveable Feast. Others have expressed an interest in participating. GALLERY GALA was last held in 1987, and everyone who attended had a wonderful time. It is back by popular demand. Tickets for this elegant evening are $50 per person. Proceeds go to support the annual German Village Arts Festival.

1991 Jul/Aug p7

We’re Back!

The German Village Arts Festival returns to the German Village Meeting Haus after a two-year hiatus. This juried arts festival, the inaugural art exhibition in the newly-renovated Meeting Haus, celebrates “Preservation: The Artist’s Vision” and runs August 29-September 22, 1991. Central Ohio artists are invited to submit works that explore the concept of preservation. Visual statements may be in celebration or protest, inquiry or confrontation, or any other context that expresses the artist’s vision.

1991 Mar/Apr p1

Gallery Gala

The 1991 German Village Gallery Gala has been scheduled for Saturday, ‘April 27, 1991, at 7:30 p.m. Enjoy an evening of pampered elegance as limousines ferry you to a number of the city’s most exclusive galleries. At each, you’ll savor the specialties of some of the finest area restaurants before capping the evening with a private dessert reception. Galleries and restaurants already committed to participate include Design 436, Laura Paul Gallery, Bryon’s Gallery, Pellington Gallery, Blue Sky Gallery Beck-Mohawk Gallery, The Clarmont, A Moveable Feast, Front Street Crab, Lobster & Barbecue House and Engine House No. 5. Others have expressed an interest in participating. Tickets for this popular and elegant evening are $60 per person. Proceeds go to support the annual German Village Arts Festival to be held in August. To make your reservation, please call Shirley at the Society office at 221-8888. Participation in Gallery Gala is limited, so be sure to reserve your space early.


1996 May/June

Art Lovers to Crawl Through German Village

New Look Replaces Former Gallery Gala Who says German Village doesn’t have any garages? It does, and they will be filled with art on Saturday night May 11th. Say goodbye to Gallery Gala and hello Art Crawl 96! “We wanted to do something different this year, breathe new life and excitement into this event,” says Lonni Thompson, Co-Chair of the event. “It’s a way to reach out beyond the boundaries of German Village and invite art lovers from all over the community to attend,” she adds. Dozens of garages and courtyards in a cozy corner of the Village will be filled with the exhibits of local artists from 4:00 to 9:00pm. The artists will be on hand as well to talk about their work, and to sell it! Among the artists who will be exhibiting are Stephen Canneto, Roger Williams, Chris Mohler and Ann Wald. In addition, artists from Columbus College of Art and Design, the Cultural Arts Center, and the German Village Creative Artists will have displays set up. Several of the galleries in German Village will also open their doors and showcase special exhibits. Lindey’s, Handke’s, Jimmy’s, The Old Mohawk, and Cup 0 Joe will provide food in each of the galleries. Tickets for Art Crawl 96 are $15 in advance and $20 the day of the event. They may be purchased at the German Village Meeting Haus.


Art Crawl Planning Committee Left to right: Kyle Katz, David Schooler, Lonni Thompson, Janet Jordan, Lisa Stein, Andrea Cambern, Shawn Redman, and Cindy McCracken. (not pictured:

Mindy Coffey)


“In the past, ticket prices have been more expensive. This year we wanted to make it more attractive to the entire community, a more informal, festive atmosphere,” explains Andrea Cambern, Co-Chair of the event. “We hope to fill the streets with art lovers!” All of the proceeds from Art Crawl 96 benefit the German Village Society. Mark your calendar!


Look for the weekly Tidbits!

Bis später!


Help Us Test New Walking Tour

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Many great individuals helped breathe new life into the South Side of Columbus and assist in the creation of the German Village Historic District.  From the 1960s to today, members of the LGBTQ community have assisted in creating and preserving the vibrancy and authenticity of the area, which makes the neighborhood so wonderful.  Beginning in the early stages of urban renewal in German Village, gay men trickled into the neighborhood for a plethora of reasons.

The German Village Society has created the “Gay Pioneers of German Village” tour to preserve and interpret the history of the great men and women that helped make German Village what it is today.  The tours have been created from oral histories, conversations and research.

In order to ensure the tour appropriately represents these individuals and the neighborhood, we are hosting three test tour events for LGBTQ organizations, German Village Society members, and preservation groups to participate and provide feedback.  The tours are:

Thursday, July 24 at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 2 at 10 a.m.

Sunday, August 10 at 10 a.m.

We also invite you to call or email Sarah Marsom, to discuss who you felt was an important gay pioneer in German Village history.  There are a limited number of reserved spots for German Village Society members, so please RSVP to or call 221-8888 to ensure your ability to participate.

July 1 Commission Meeting Results

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Are you interested in what was approved and what was not at this month’s German Village commission meeting?  Here is a brief rundown of the commission results.  After the Historic Preservation Office finalizes the rulings and amendments to approvals, that information will be distributed through Neighbors 4 Neighbors.


German Village Commission Agenda


  1. 275 East Beck Street – Approved under conditional amendment
  2. 255 Lear Street- Switched to blanket approval windows
  3. 173 East Sycamore Street – Windows are being repaired instead of being replaced
  4. 615 South Fifth Street – Items split, some approved under condition of more specific drawings being approved by HPO staff, others continued
  5. 734 Jaeger Street- Application withdrawn by applicant
  6. 610 Mohawk Street- Application withdrawn by applicant

New Applications

  1. 703-705 Macon Alley – continued
  2. 708 City Park Avenue – denied
  3. 188 East Kossuth Street- approved
  4. 807 City Park Avenue – approved with amendments
  5. 1156 Jaeger Street – approved with amendments
  6. 578 South Sixth Street – approved with amendments
  7. 799 South Third Street – changed to a conceptual review
  8. 135 East Kossuth Street – approved with amendments
  9. 54 East Whittier Street – approved
  10. 569 South Sixth Street- approved
  11. 804 Jaeger Street- approved
  12. 702 South Sixth Street- continued

Conceptual Review

  1. 566 South Fourth Street – no decision, conceptual review
  2. 251 Jackson Street- no decision, conceptual review

Staff Recommendations

  1. 673 Mohawk Street – approved with amendments
  2. 838 City Park Avenue – approved
  3. 604 South Third Street- approved
  4. 255-293 Lear Street- approved
  5. 635 Mohawk Street- approved
  6. 117-121 East Livingston Avenue- approved
  7. 40 Stewart Avenue- continued


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