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July 7 German Village Commission Agenda And Applications

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The July 7 German Village Commission Agenda.  Email if you have any questions.

41 Stimmel– Replace windows, re-paint previously painted brick to match existing color

101 East Columbus– Remove tree, front landscaping, install brick wall/fence, replace concrete driveway, replace rear yard fence/wall

160 Thurman– Amend previously approved COA for windows

207 East Deshler-Wrought iron fence and generator

217 219 East Whittier– Install A/C unit, new front door, install vent, replace windows, new parking pad

279 & 281 East Sycamore-Replace fence

290 East Sycamore– Demolition and variance requests

292 East Sycamore-Replace windows, replace front door, conceptual review for front yard fence

301 305 East Sycamore-Amend previously approved COA to install new, wood porch railing, as built

345 East Beck-Install patio roof

475 South Third-Temporary banner sign, conceptual review of permanent wall-mounted banner frame

516 South Third-Install fence

556 South Fourth-Conceptual review of second story addition over existing one-story attached garage

564 South Sixth-New dormers, replace windows, new garage

578 South Fifth-Install shutters on garage

607 Lathrop -Replace windows, rear addition

615 South Fifth-Replace all basement windows with glass block windows

634 South Grant-Replace siding

672 South Third  – Replace and relocate metal fire escape to the north side of the building, per submitted plans and specifications

672 South Third part 2– Demolition, remove masonry garage and storage structure behind rectory and create additional parking spaces on the site

705 Macon Alley– Install four (4) low profile skylights on the north facing slope of the main roof

747 City Park-Replace slate roof, re-paint masonry, replace windows, remove trees

756 Jaeger-Conceptual review of rear addition to the house and removal of existing garage structure

821 South Fifth-Replace garage doors

834 Mohawk-Add a shed dormer on east elevation, replace/relocate patio doors, expand balcony, replace windows, relocate and add two additional low profile skylights

898 City Park-Variance request for parking, building setback, and use variance

1058 Jaeger-Rear addition

N4N July 2

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Tidbits From The GVS Archives:

June 24, 2015 by Mark Weiss in News & Events with 0 Comments

-by Curator of Archives and Facilities Russ Arledge

For over 50 years, the message is still the same!


Fast-forward to 2015…

Clean up!  Planting time!  The GVS 56th Annual Haus und Garten Tour is creeping up on us. Wash your bricks. Plant those red geraniums in your window boxes (the red geranium was designated as the official flower of GVS, March 29, 1963). Hose down the sidewalks and pull the weeds. Sunday, June 28 is only three days away!

You’ll notice the 1964 Haus und Garten Tour was held on Sunday, June 28, as it is this year. Another coincidence was that Stewart Ave School was on the Tour for the first time in 1964 and it was also on the 1974 Haus und Garten Tour in celebration of its 100th Anniversary. A devastating fire closed the school in 2010 and after subsequent years of renovation, the grand-reopening was held earlier this year and it is once-again on the Tour in 2015!

Stewart Avenue School (originally – New Street School – built 1874)



Bis später!

German Village Board Of Trustees June 8 Minutes

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Tidbits From The GVS Archives:

June 17, 2015 by Mark Weiss in News & Events with 0 Comments

-by Curator of Archives and Facilities Russ Arledge

Last week I featured the Haus und Garten Tour Day program from 50 years ago – 1965. This week I offer a look back 40 years ago at the May 1975 Haus und Garten Tour “Special Edition” newsletter and the 1975 Tour Day Program.

Refreshments for the 1975 Haus und Garten Tour Day – how many of you can say you’ve eaten at every one of the restaurants and shops featured below?


Click here to see the entire 1975 Haus und Garten Tour “Special Edition” newsletter and the 1975 Haus und Garten Tour Day Program.

Bis später!

Call For Board Of Trustees Election

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The Organizational Development Committee of the German Village Society Board of Trustees is calling upon the membership to provide the names of any members to be considered for a term on Board of Trustees.

Any member desiring to self-nominate may pick up the appropriate petition at the Meeting Haus. Completed petitions must be filed at the Meeting Haus between June 9 and June 23.

Anyone who is a current member in good standing and has been a member for at least one year may self-nominate. Petitions must contain the signatures of at least ten members in good standing.

Tidbits From The GVS Archives:

June 10, 2015 by Mark Weiss in News & Events with 0 Comments

-by Curator of Archives and Facilities Russ Arledge


As we prepare for the 56th Annual German Village Society Haus und Garten Tour, always held on the last Sunday in June (this year on Sunday June 28), here is a look back 50 years ago to 1965 when we were celebrating our 6th Annual Haus und Garten Tour.

Click here to see the entire 1965 Haus und Garten Tour Day Program.

Bis später!

June 8 GVS Board Of Trustee Meeting Packet

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Tidbits from the GVS Archives

June 3, 2015 by Mark Weiss in News & Events with 0 Comments

-by Curator of Archives and Facilities Russ Arledge


Jack Nicklaus gets a Golden Bear hug from his father Charles after winning the 1963 Masters – AP

Just in time for the 2015 Memorial Golf Tournament, a story about Jack Nicklaus or rather about his parents, Helen and Charlie.

Helen’s grandparents (with one exception) were all born in Germany. Helen’s grandfather, George Adam Schoener was born in Strasbourg, Baden, Germany in 1835, and her grandmother Eva Margaret Deutsch was born in Alsace-Lorraine, Germany in 1844. Immigrating to America and ending up in Columbus, Ohio in the 1860s, they met, married and had their first child – Margaret in 1870, second child Emma in 1872, third child George – who died of smallpox at age 1. Their fourth child (Helen’s father) was William Adam Schoener, born 1876 and grew up at 852 S. Front St., just north of Schiller (now Whittier St). According to the grandmother, she never knew if Helen’s papa was in school or not as he was quite a character. Living so close to the railroad tracks, on his way to school Wm. Adam would hide his books and hop a train to explore central Ohio and be back in time for supper. He ended up working for the Hocking Valley Railroad and retired as a conductor. Helen’s mother, Martha Epple was born in 1882. Her parents were Morris Epple, a barber, born in 1854 in Germany, and Mary Martin born in 1856 in Washington, PA. Her father was born in Ireland.

After William Adam Schoener and Martha Epple were married in 1901, they first lived at 141 ½ Jackson. They soon moved to a new home to start a family. They had two children; Mable in 1907, and Helen in 1909, who was actually born in the family home at 75 College St. (now Sycamore St., just west of Third St.). Sometime in the late teens they moved to 768 Jaeger St. and that’s where the children grew up. On Saturdays, the girls would walk to Grandma Schoener’s home on S. Front St. for a visit. She had a lovely home filled with Victorian furniture, and always had fresh baked cookies for the girls. While Mable went to Central High School, Helen went to South High School. Aunt Margaret married Henry Fischer in 1892 and they lived at 712 Mohawk St. thru the mid-1920s, and Aunt Emma married Frank Neufang and lived at 982 Jaeger St., across from Schiller Park. The house was in the Neufang family thru the 1960s. Obviously, the Schoener family knew the area now know as German Village quite well.

Charlie’s grandfather Charles L. Nicklaus, a boilermaker, was also born in Alsace-Lorraine , Germany. He married Anna Gardner and Charlie’s father Louis C. Nicklaus, also a boilermaker was born number 5 out of 8 children. Louis married Arkie Tompson in 1910, and Charlie, born in 1913 was the secondof five children. Their family home was at 860 Gilbert St., between Forest St. and Columbus St., just a few streets east of Parsons Ave.

Helen and Charlie met on a blind date.  It was love at first sight and Helen was convinced it was meant to be. They were married in 1937 in a small ceremony at South Congregational Church at Stewart Ave. and High St. They had an apartment above a drugstore at Chittenden and High St. – right across the street from OSU. Charlie had graduated from OSU with a degree in Pharmacy and he got a job selling pharmaceuticals. What he was really interested in was buying his own drugstore. Little did they know that a few years later the drugstore downstairs would become the first of several drugstores that would carry the Nicklaus name. Helen and Charlie had two children, little “Jackie” born in 1940, and Marilyn born in 1943. They lived in several homes around campus, Columbus and Bexley, but when the children got older they moved to Upper Arlington where the kids had a little more room to play. Charlie was quite the sportsman in his day and baseball, basketball, and football were his favorites, but he had a special fascination about golf. As a teenager he was able to attend the 1926 U.S. National Open held at the Scioto Country Club and watch his golfing idol, Bobby Jones play. So it was a natural for Charlie to bring little “Jackie” with him to the golf course, first as a caddie, and when he showed some promise, he enrolled him in a junior golf class conducted by Scioto Golf Club and the rest is history. Little “Jackie” grew up to be one of the most famous golf champions of all time – Jack Nicklaus!

Who knew little “Jackie’s” roots were right here in German Village!

Look for the weekly Tidbits!

Bis später!

June 2 German Village Commission Agenda And Applications

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The German Village Commission agenda for the June 2 meeting.

828 South Lazelle– Concrete patio

834 Mohawk Street– New dormer and skylights

797 South Sixth Street– New brick path

792 Mohawk-New patio structure

764 South Sixth– Replace garage vent with window

753 Mohawk-Installation of AC unit and fence to hide trash, recycling, and AC unit.

740 744 746 Pearl-Very preliminary conceptual review of property

700 South Fifth-Construction of a brick privacy wall

640 South Fifth-Seeking approval of already installed radon mitigation system

615 South Fifth-Seeking approval of already installed glass block windows

519 Mohawk-Installation of roof deck

475 South Third-Temporary signage on Livingston Ave

333 East Livingston-Concrete curb

325 East Livingston-Concrete curb

313 Jackson-Installation of new windows

275 East Whittier-New fence

246 East Sycamore-Installation of new lighting

227 East Sycamore-Modification of approved doors for addition.  Would like sliding doors.

157 Thurman-Proposed demolition of historic brass foundry structures and development of property for multi-unit housing.

140 East Kossuth-Modification of one-story addition to be a two-story addition

100 Thurman Ave-Modification of one-story garage to be a two-story garage.

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