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N4N April 17

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GartenMarkt 2014 Pre-Orders Due Now

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The German Village Garten Club is hosting its annual GartenMarkt on Saturday, May 10 from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.   The GartenMarkt offers the opportunity to pre-order first quality, beautiful annuals for your gardens and containers at a very reasonable price.  PRE-ORDER FORMS are available on the Club’s website,  The original DEADLINE for submitting pre-orders is April 19, but orders will be accepted until April 25.  The pre-order items are only available by submitting the pre-order form.  The plants can be picked up at the GartenMarkt on Saturday.

Annuals include returning favorites:  a variety of colors of geraniums, bedding begonias, caladiums, dragon wing begonias, and accent and trailing plants as well as two new options, New Guinea impatiens in single pots, with four color choices, and flats of six, in two choices of mixed colors, and Angelonia in three vibrant colors.  Also new this year is the 2014 Hosta of the Year.  This hosta, the Abiqua Drinking Gourd, bears heavily textured, huge, blue-green leaves that cup and twist.  Photos of each of the pre-order plants can be found on the pre-order form

The proceeds from GartenMarkt, the largest fundraiser of the Club, help pay for the flowers and holiday trees in the planter boxes on Third Street, planting and maintenance of award winning Frank Fetch Park located on Beck Street, four free Sunday concerts held in Frank Fetch Park in the summer, and monthly education programs, open to the public, offered September-May of each year.  Questions about the GartenMarkt can be directed to the Club’s email address,, or Linda Friedman, Co-Chairman, at 614-444-4661.

Help Shape Future Of GVS

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As you may have read or heard, German Village Society is in the midst of a strategic planning process.

Executive Director Shiloh Todorov wants to spend some time this month talking to YOU, understanding better what motivates you to support German Village Society. After 2 ½ years on the job, she’d like a chance to know more people better and learn about your passion for the neighborhood.

Since we are in a strategic planning process this year, it would be helpful to understand, when you look out on the horizon, how you picture German Village and the activities of the Society.

If you’d like to have coffee and conversation, Shiloh will be out looking for company at the following time and locations:

Wednesday | April 23 | 5:30-6:30 | Cup O Joe

Friday | April 25 | 3:30-4:30 p.m. | Winans

Monday | April 28 | 8-9 a.m. | Starbucks

Gallery At Brent Warner Fest Hall To Welcome Printmakers

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German Village Society is pleased to welcome the artists of Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative to the Gallery at Brent Warner Fest Hall in the month of May, and we hope you will join us!

Click to preview the show.

Click to preview the show.

Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative continues to celebrate its 15th anniversary with this group exhibition, “Pressing Visions.” Intaglio, wood and linoleum relief, monotypes, letterpress and other methods are endlessly combined and varied to augment the printable visual language.  The core members of Phoenix Rising have mastered many printmaking techniques, and even developed some of their own.  It is this proficiency that allows them to freely express their ideas, giving eloquence to both impulsive gesture and careful execution.

“Pressing Visions” will feature works by eleven core members of the cooperative: Anne Cushman, co-founder; Judith Steele (German Village resident), Jennifer Cross, Cindy Davis, Donna Jacobs, Barbara Jurjans, Marilyn McPheron, Eliana Saari, Joan Tallan, Amanda VanDenberg and Mary Woodworth.

The exhibit will hang in the Gallery at Brent Warner Fest Hall upstairs at the German Village Society Meeting Haus at 588 S. Third St. from Thursday, May 1 through Sunday, June 8. An opening reception is planned for Tuesday, May 6, from 5-7 p.m. with refreshments provided by Sidecar Global Catering.

On May 21, the cooperative will present an artist talk in Fest Hall. All are welcome to hear this fascinating group of artists talk and teach about their work.

The Gallery at Brent Warner Fest Hall at the German Village Society Meeting Haus, 588 S. Third St.

Exhibit open May 1 – June 8

(M-F 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Sun. 12-3 p.m.)

Members of the cooperative have been sharing a well- equipped studio and teaching printmaking in Columbus since September of 1998.  When not presenting workshops or giving printmaking demonstrations, the artist members can be found exploring and refining print techniques. This remarkable organization is run by working artists, every one of which has a distinct artistic vision.  Once their work is collected in a group exhibition, it reveals a surprising variety of visual styles and printmaking methods.

Printmaking brings artists together.  Each proof print is a record of experiment.  This evolutionary process includes a “cross-pollination” of new ideas from other members of the group.  The resulting works reflect both the excitement of innovation and the harmony of this supportive group.

Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative

243 N. Fifth St, Suite 140, Columbus 43215

Discover the joy of “pulling a print”. This cooperative of fine art printmakers maintains a studio and offers classes for experienced artists to pursue the medium and for beginners who want to explore printmaking and create a work of art! Throughout the year, classes about etching, relief, monoprints and letterpress are offered. Group activities from artist talks and printmaking demonstrations to hands on workshops can be arranged.


614-444-2473 phone

Mission Statement

Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative is dedicated to promoting the art of printmaking by providing a well-equipped studio, educational opportunities and an environment of mutual support, camaraderie and inspiration for artists and students, and the community.


Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative was formed in 1996, and began renovating a 1904 building (north of Whittier & Parsons) into a studio facility that opened its doors in September 1998. From its beginning the studio was equipped with a Takach etching press, a Vandercook relief press and materials to accommodate a variety of printmaking techniques. Later, Phoenix Rising acquired a second etching press and added additional mobile work tables so that more printmakers could work in the space.

Phoenix Rising had always operated as a nonprofit organization, and in June of 2010 was officially granted 501(c)(3)status. The cooperative moved to its present larger downtown venue in December 2011. The current facility is on the ground floor of a vintage factory in the Discovery District with a full wall of north facing windows and is ADA compliant.

Phoenix Rising has always maintained a high artistic standard in its programs and in the work produced by its members. Within the organization, members both challenge and encourage each other by sharing techniques and wisdom gained from experience.

Phoenix Rising’s artist members offer a variety of workshops and classes that highlight their particular skills and guest artists are invited to give special presentations. The artists of Phoenix Rising provide outreach programs demonstrating and teaching printmaking techniques in a variety of venues – public and private schools, art groups, central Ohio colleges, artist’s residencies, in-service workshops, etc.

Business Spotlight: Whimsical To Breathtaking, Fun To Functional At Mary B.’s

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Committee Meets With Engineers About Third Street

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IMG_1732Members of the Civic Relations Committee took a preliminary tour of Third Street with the engineers contracted by the city to study the corridor.

After nearly 15 years of thinking, dreaming, strategizing and planning – the Masterplan for Third Street got the final OK from City Council last year.

German Village was granted $500,000 in Urban Infrastructure Renewal Funds to do an engineering survey and study of our needs along Third Street, resulting in this preliminary engineering study. The study, being performed by OHM, will put in motion a project that does three main things along South Third Street: improves safety, updates deteriorating infrastructure and restores the historic feel to the corridor.

Civic Relations met with two leads from OHM Advisors along with an engineer with the City Department of Public Utilities on April 8.

OHM said it has kicked off the early stages of an 18-month schedule, starting March 1. Yet this year, OHM will conduct two public meetings and online survey that will generate comments from businesses and the public on the OHM plan.

OHM and the City will assist in ideas for funding, and funding will drive the actual construction schedule, which may not begin until 2017 or 2018 at the earliest. During this time, GVS will be involved in keeping the public aware of the plans and schedule, helping with funding ideas and helping with design decisions.

In addition to funding, there will be a necessary sequence of the construction work, which is a function of the engineering work.

The group went on a brief walking tour of Third St with the delegation and talked further about what is planned and what options will be available for residents to mull during the planning process.

F.U.N. This Spring, Summer

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Sick of winter?

Dying for the blossoms to beautify our bricks?

Grab your calendars and mark these upcoming F.U.N. (Friends und Neighbors) Committee events:

April 25 - German Village Night at Huntington Park: Opening day is in the rearview, now we settle in for some serious baseball. The Columbus Clippers will celebrate all things German (Village) during this 7:15 p.m. game against the Gwinnett Braves. Village Singers will perform the anthem and Executive Director Shiloh Todorov will throw out the first pitch. Call 614-462-2757 for tickets or fill out this form.

June 13 - German Village FUN will invade Germania for Sommerfest.Click for more details.

Watch this space for more details about park cleanup in May, a cookout in July and September bowling!

Recycle Old Shoes, Boots

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Plant Pride on Parsons Fundraiser: Schumacher Place Civic Association is conducting a shoe collection drive on April 1-25 to raise funds for Parsons Avenue Plants while benefiting developing nations and keeping old shoes out of local landfills. Individuals can help by donating gently worn & used shoes.  Please place your shoes and boots in a bag and drop them off on at the German Village Meeting Haus or at drop boxes at Tim Horton’s, Village Coney, Scrambler Marie’s or Giant Eagle.  In the US alone, approximately 630 million pairs of shoes are thrown away per year. The materials used to manufacture a pair of shoes are created from chemical compounds that will create health hazards if left to disintegrate openly or in landfills. By donating your gently worn, used shoes, your shoes are given a second chance to make a difference. All donated shoes will be redistributed to partners through Funds2Orgs and used in developing nations for impoverished people to start, maintain, and grow a unique business opportunity to feed, clothe, and house their families.

The additional advantages of diverting shoes from the waste stream to create commerce and sustainability in peoples’ lives make this a win-win for everyone.  The only way we can do that is if community members step up and help. I am calling on everyone to clean out their unwanted, gently worn, used shoes and donate them to us.


German Village Commission Applications – April 1 Meeting

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N4N- Commission Business Agenda and Applications_Part1

N4N- Commission Business Agenda and Applications_Part2

N4N- Commission Business Agenda and Applications_Part3

Your Support Is Needed For The Bloomin’ Fund

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bloominIf you hear the word “garden” and any of this comes right to mind:
• unlimited soup and breadsticks at Olive Garden
• floor seats at Madison Square Garden
• the Garden State Parkway
• lederhosen and kegs in a beer garden

You probably don’t get seed catalogs in the mail or call plants by their Latin names.

We get it. Not everyone is a green thumbed gardener. That’s why we have the German Village Garten Club and the Friends of Schiller Park. So splashes of glorious color will appear in Frank Fetch Park, at the foot of the Schiller Monument, in the flower boxes on Third Street and in the Welcome gardens at the entrances to Schiller Park.

It takes more than rain and elbow grease to beautify the Village. But not much more. If “digging in” isn’t your cup of tea, making a small financial contribution will help provide the plant materials that transform our historic neighborhood each spring and keep it blooming throughout the summer. Please use the drop-down below to fill in your $25/$50/$75/$100 or other donation amount. And thank you!


The Blooming Fund – launched last year to simplify fundraising efforts – benefits the German Village Garten Club and the Friends of Schiller Park in a 50/50 collaboration. The Huntington Garden committee will continue to do their own fundraising.
The German Village Garten Club maintains Frank Fetch Park and plants and cares for the flower boxes along Third Street (and decorates them for the holidays). The group offers great educational programming and has been growing friendships and gardens for 48 years. If you would like to attend a monthly program, join the organization, place a pre-order for this year’s Garten Market, or just learn more, please go to
The Friends of Schiller Park is a committee of the German Village Society dedicated to providing support, advocacy, and sweat equity for the most beloved 23 acres in Columbus. Sign up to receive information about projects and events at


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