Caretakers of a Legacy

The Caretakers of a Legacy awards program was established to honor people, projects, and organizations that contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the historic fabric of German Village.

A caretaker is one who provides support, and watches over a place belonging to someone who is gone. The physical elements that make up the fabric of German Village do not really belong to those who own them legally, but instead have been left in our care. A legacy is a gift: something tangible, such as a built environment; or intangible, such as a philosophy of way of life, that is passed from one generation to the next. The immigrants who established the community known today as German Village have left us a wonderful legacy to cherish and protect for future generations.

As we care for this great gift, we will necessarily leave our imprint on the village, making our own contribution to the evolution of this neighborhood as a living, breathing community where people live, work, and play,

In celebration of Preservation Month, we honor three projects that are especially deserving of the name “Caretakers of a Legacy.” This Award program is co-sponsored by the German Village Society and Commission. Award winners are chosen by the German Village Commission in three categories:

The Preservation Award
Awarded to a property owner in recognition of an outstanding example of restoration, preservation or maintenance of a property or architectural element in German Village.

The Commissioners Award
Awarded to a property owner in recognition of a recently completed project that contributes to the architectural, historic, and aesthetic character of German Village and that shows sensitivity to the streetscape and surrounding properties.

The Chairman’s Award
Awarded to a property owner, an individual, an organization, or a business entity in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the historic, architectural, or aesthetic character of German Village and to the community’s quality of life.

Given by GVS:

The President’s Award – Awarded to a property owner, an individual, an organization, or a business entity by the German Village Society in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the historic, architectural, or aesthetic character of German Village and to the community’s way of life.

Past Recipients:


Preservation Award, 747 Jaeger Ave.

Commissioners’ Award,  704 S. Fifth St.

Chairman’s Award, Stewart Elementary School

President’s Award, Paul Schrader

Special Ambassador Award, Bert Stevens

Special Ambassador Award, Alan McKnight


Preservation Award, 874 City Park

Commissioners’ Award,  213 E. Beck St.

Chairman’s Award, No Award Given

President’s Award, Ann Lee Lilly

Certificates of Merit, Salon 644


Preservation Award, 170 Thurman Avenue

Commissioners’ Award,  797 S. 6th Street

Chairman’s Award, 899-903 Mohawk Street

President’s Award, Richard Eiselt

Special Ambassador’s Award, Tom and Hyla Griesdorn

Certificates of Merit, Niko’s Barber Shop and Kittie’s Hand Crafted Cakes


Preservation Award, 180 Reinhard Avenue

Commissioners’ Award,  684 City Park Avenue

Chairman’s Award, 145 East Sycamore Street

President’s Award, Columbus Recreation and Parks – Director Alan McKnight

Special Ambassador’s Award, Brett and Andrea Cambern


Preservation Award, 157 East Deshler

Commissioner’s Award, 647 South Fifth Street

Chairman’s Award, 703 South Fifth Street

President’s Award,  Parks Public Spaces &  Community Events Committee


Preservation Award, 624 South Third Street

Commissioners’ Award, 188 Reinhard Street

Chairman’s Award, 731 South Fifth Street

President’s Award, Actors’ Theatre


Preservation Award, 586 South Sixth Street

Commissioners’ Award, 246 East Sycamore Street

Chairman’s Award, Beck Place Condos

President’s Award, 133 East Beck Street


Preservation Award, 133 East Deshler Avenue

Commissioners’ Award, 808 Jaeger Street

Chairman’s Award, 2007 Historic Preservation Workshop

President’s Award, 541 South Third Street


Preservation Award, 791 Macon Alley

Commissioners’ Award, 215 Whittier Street

Chairman’s Award, Columbus City Forester Jack Low

President’s Award, Michael Rosen


Preservation Award, 246 East Kossuth Street

Commissioners’ Award, 297-299 East Sycamore Street

316-318 East Sycamore Street

Chairman’s Award, Village Lights

President’s Award, Louann Irwin


Preservation Award, 595 South Sixth Street

Commissioners’ Award, 229 East Beck Street

Chairman’s Award, 548 South Third Street

President’s Award, Marshall & Connie Swain

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