The German Village Society has received the list of addresses within the district that are part of the pipeline upgrade being done statewide by Columbia Gas of Ohio for the 2019 calendar year. In addition to replacing main lines, Columbia Gas will also be replacing service lines to individual homes and relocating/replacing existing gas meters currently located indoors to exterior locations. Per our settlement with Columbia Gas as a result of our formal complaint filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the preference for meter relocation is the REAR facade, keeping the meter out of view from public throughways. The second choice would be as far to the rear as possible along a side facade.  These locations are contingent upon Columbia Gas determining they are safe and that the owner approves.

When property owners are contacted by Columbia Gas to set an appointment to determine the ideal location for the meter, at that time a request may be made to have the German Village Society present in order to assist the owner and Columbia Gas representatives  in selecting a location that minimizes the visual impact of the meter from public throughways. Learn more about gas meters in German Village HERE

The following addresses are scheduled for 2019. As soon as we know the work start date, we will notify residents. Please direct all questions to Nancy Kotting, Historic Preservation Advocate at the German Village Society:; 614-221-8888. Click on the links below and you will be redirected to the listing.

UPDATE: June 19, 2019 PENDING NEW ADDRESSES: These will be confirmed and owners will be notified IF they are added to the route:

  • 143 E Beck
  • 145 E Beck
  • 147 E Beck
  • 150 E Beck
  • 153 E Beck
  • 154 E Beck
  • 157 E Beck
  • 158 E Beck
  • 159 E Beck
  • 166 E Beck

Reinhard and 3rd-  254 Addresses

Mohawk and Jackson- 120 Addresses

6th and Jackson- 157 Addresses

Below are maps indicating the three 2019 routes:

Mohawk and Jackson work area
Reinhard and 3rd St. Route