Planning on applying for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) to do exterior work on your home or lot in German Village? It is important to note that all applications are due to the City of Columbus Historic Preservation Office two weeks prior to the monthly Commission meeting.

One week following the application deadline, the Commissioners meet for a noon business meeting to review applications briefly prior to the Commission meeting in which applications are heard. This monthly business meeting is held at 111 N. Front St. and is also open to the public for observation.

The application deadline for the April meeting is Tuesday, March 19 at 5:00 PM. All Certificate of Appropriateness applications must be received by the City of Columbus Historic Preservation office by this time for placement on the April agenda.

The business meeting for the April meeting is 12:00 PM March 26, room 111 N. Front St., 3rd flr, room 313.

The April German Village Commission Meeting is April 2, 4:00 PM at 111 N. Front St, 2nd flr, room 204.

You may view the entire 2019 German Village Commission 2019 schedule by clicking HERE