June 29-30, 2019


4:00 – 10:00 p.m.



9 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



588 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215

Tour Like A Pro On Sunday, June 30

-Come to 588 S. Third Street on Tour Day to buy your $25 day-of tickets, or stop at any Central Ohio Giant Eagle for $18 tickets!

-Free parking is available at Grange Insurance in the Brewery District at the southwest corner of Sycamore and Bank streets (across from Brewery Yard Kroger). For your GPS-purposes use the address: 671 S. High Street Columbus, OH 43206 and follow the signage for the proper parking lot.

-A free shuttle will run from parking to the ticket office all day.

-Free golf carts provided by Vutech | Ruff, HER Realtors run the course among Tour homes all day. Hop on, hop off. Chauffeured golf carts go wherever you want and wait while you shop-dine-stroll.

-Bring your mobile device to learn more about our Tour homes’ history, navigate the neighborhood and join our social media community during Tour day.

All proceeds from the Haus und Garten Tour support the historic preservation and education programs of the German Village Society.

Plan Your Day with Helen Winnemores 

Introducing Our 2019 Tour Homeowners!


Greg Mullins + Joe Berean | 561 Sixth St.

Date of Construction: 1870s -1880s

This property was built in 1872 by Samuel Sharp and sold to Adam W. Erner the same year. He lived there till 1879 and sold it to a laborer in 1879. He lived here till 1911 and sold it to Anna M. Walliser, a householder. She then sold it to Samuel Brodbelt Sr. in 1960.

Brooke + Mark Malinowski | 180 Kossuth St.

Date of Construction: 1878

Christian Fredrick Jaeger owned 140 acres on South High St. He broke his property into lots and sold them, one of which was 180 Kossuth St. It was known as Lot 107. He sold Lot 107 to Mr. Nicolaus Mehler, an accomplished carpenter, in 1867. He broke the lot into three houses and built 180, 184, and 188 E. Kossuth St. He then sold his lot to Mr. Charles Eckhart, a janitor of Mound St. School, in 1882. In 1897, after Charles Eckhart and his wife’s death, the property was divided into 5 different plots and sold to their heirs. One of the pieces, 180 E. Kossuth St., was received by Catherine Eckhart. Her son George Eckart received the rights to the house after her death in 1947. He then rented it while he lived elsewhere. He later sold it to The Independent Realty Co. in 1949. The two-story house is rectangular in shape and made of masonry construction. The house has gable roof and ashlar foundation.

Lawren McKenzie | 1047 City Park St.

Date of Construction: 1896 

This property was possibly built by Joseph H. Dyer and Nellie Peter-Dyer. They lived here until they sold the home in 1919 to Alta V. Crippen. Joseph Kleine was in “joint tenancy” with Alta Crippen in 1948 but he left the same year. Alta V. Land and Arndt N. Land lived here until 1962 when they both died. House was then sold to Irene A. Whisner.

David Thomas + Vincent Thompson | 569 Sixth St.
Jessica + Tim King |135 Kossuth St.

Date of Constructed: 1921

This house was originally part of a lot 73, a larger block of land between Lazelle St. and Mohawk St. After his death in 1942, it was obtained by his wife, Mrs. Julia Thomas. The house and property was split amongst two sisters and a brother following the death of Julia Thomas in 1942. Their names were Alma, Clara, and Walter.

Kimm + Jim Arnold | 655 City Park St.

Used to have a former banana garden

Tyler Mason + Anthony Meyer | 626 Fifth St.

The property was built in 1848 and owned by Abraham Stott. He then sold it in 1850 to Conrad Lunz, a laborer. He lived there till 1882 and sold it to John Eigensee who sold it to Ludwig Oelgoetz, a butcher, the same year. He sold it to F.J. Weinlein in 1888 and he sold it to Henry Trautman, a painter the same year. He lived there till 1925 and sold it to William Weber.

Margot + Ben Goodman | 181 Thurman Ave.


Ludwig Von Gerichten was born in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany in 1873. He moved to United States in 1887 with his brother and father. He was well known in Columbus as a designer and craftsman in stained glass. He started Von Gerichten Art Glass Company with his brother in Alabama, and moved it to Ohio in 1893. Their company created approximately 1800 windows for 850 churches across US. The studio won four gold medals and and top honors at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904. In 1931 the brothers severed business ties and pursued their own separate stained glass companies. Ludwig passed in 1945 while fishing from a pier at his country home on Buckeye Lake.

Saint Mary Church | 684 S. Third St.
The Garden of Peggy + Bob Walter | 673 Mohawk St.
Susan McManus + Ashley Lawson| 133 Deshler St.

Date of Construction: 1908

Originally part of Thurman and Deshler Subdivision, 133 Deshler Ave. was built in 1908 by William and Joseph Bott. It was then owned by Bott brothers until 1930s. Thereafter, a well known doctor owned the residence. Although he didn’t live there, he ran a medical practice here until he passed in 1950. Over the years it was converted to a two-dwelling residence and back to single family.



The must-attend event of the summer: Haus und Garten PreTour! A deconstructed gala benefiting German Village.


Begin your evening with an unmatched look at Haus und Garten Tour homes, including access to areas of the home that will be off limits during Sunday’s public tour.

Transition to a cocktail party where you’ll toast to the preservation of Columbus’ oldest historic district and its charm.

With PreTour Dinner Tickets you’ll head to private dinners in the homes and restaurants of German Village. An experience unlike any other, each dinner is a magical world of themed fun! Dive into this year’s menu choices here.

With AfFARE Tickets you’ll transition to a soiree boasting a curated taste of local fare, music and fun. This experience provides heavy hors d’oeuvres, not a seated dinner. 




2019 PreTour Theme: “Brick by Brick : 60 Years of German Village Stories”

Welcome to the 60th Annual Haus und Garten Tour presented by Vutech | Ruff, HER Realtors

For well over half a century, the final weekend in June has marked the German Village Society’s annual German Village Haus und Garten Tour.

On Saturday, seven hundred gather for a deconstructed gala that begins with a sneak-peek preview of the same homes featured the next day on Tour followed by a cocktail reception and the option to proceed to a dinner at a private home or restaurant.

On Sunday, four thousand ticket-holders have always wondered what lies behind the door to that charming brick cottage, and what’s just on the other side of that garden gate. Haus und Garten Tour satisfies that curiosity when we welcome guests to this vibrant and unique historic neighborhood. Your ticket gives you access to a stunning collection of homes and gardens that have been selected to showcase both German Village’s ongoing historic preservation efforts and the innovative and inspirational interior design and landscaping efforts of its residents.

What’s the buzz about Haus und Garten?

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This is YOUR Community

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Sixty Years of Stories

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It Takes a Village: Building a Haus und Garten Tour

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Thank You to Our 2019 PreTour Hosts!

Pam + Paul Albrecht, Christina + Craig Hickey, Angie + Crescent Medley, Laurie + Paul McPhee

Kate Anderson + Beth Hingsbergen

Brent Beatty + Scott Mackey and Tim Bibler

Sarah Irvin Clark + Kelly Clark

Darci Congrove + John Pribble and Patti Orzano

Terri Dickey

Barb + Ed Elberfeld, Jill D’Antignac + Jim Plunkett, Carol + Bob Mullinax

Linda + Dan Farrell

Mary + Jeff Jablonski

Jessica + Scott Kapusta

Chris King + Rob Hunter, Bill Mains + Brian Smith and Bill Hugus

Marie Logothetis + Dan Kline

Michele McFadden + Maurice Manring


Sharon + Richard Pettit and Cindy + Bruce Hagen

Susan + Neil Rector

The Red Stable + Jeff Smith and Stevo Roksandic + Together & Co.

Lisa Stein + Craig Colvin

Nancy + Jim Turner

Ronni + Darrell Van Ligten

Barcelona Restaurant

G. Michael’s Bar & Bistro

2019 Haus und Garten Tour Committee:

Justin Celiano

Darci Congrove

Lynn Elliott

Christina Hickey

Craig Hickey

Chris Hune

Marie Logothetis

Natalia Roca

Tracie Stamm

Alberta Stevens

Nicole Wilkerson

Joshua Zimmerman




Alarm One Security

American Family Insurance – The Boldman Agency

Robin & John Barr

Tim Bibler

Ambrose & Eve

Antiques on High

Cherbourgh Bakery

Freedom A La Cart

Brown Bag Delicatessen

Donato’s Pizza

 Edward Jones – David Cunningham

Jeff Lowe & Greg Gamier

The Golf Car Company

Tammi Hall & Jim Nichols

Giant Eagle Market District


Parson’s North Brewing Co.

Hilton Columbus Downtown

Jeanne Likins & Joseph Flood

Lisa & Thomas Ridgley

Cynthia Watson & Jeff Belt


Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

South Village Grill

Wine Trends