A Message from the Meeting Haus

Get Ready to Rummage

By Chris Hune, GVS Board President

A few weeks ago, I made you aware that Village Valuables is not a German Village Society event. That does continue to the case – However….as of this week, the governor has indicated that he changing guidelines and is now allowing outdoor events such as festivals, proms, etc…While it’s certainly not a festival or a prom (though you may have that old dress hanging somewhere), Village Valuables is an outdoor event that our neighbors embrace annually and many of us now have 2 years worth of “valuables” stashed, and with this good news we are able to change course. So we will be placing Village Valuables back on the German Village Society events calendar for its typical 3rd Saturday in May date from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Each seller will be responsible for monitoring their own Covid protocols such as no more than 10 people congregating together in one location and masks when not able to social distance. But this was encouraging for our neighborhood not only for this event but others we are currently developing for the remainder of the summer and beyond. So time to start getting those valuables organized and priced…see you May 15th