Haus und Garten Committee —

Planning Your Summer of Love Weekend

Rachel Lewellen | Communication & Membership Engagement

Last Sunday the Chairs of the Haus und Garten Tour weekend gathered with lead committee members, at the lovely home of Bill Mains (who makes these cheesy crackers hor d’oeuvres that he described as crack; it must be true because I’m still thinking about them today!). Just like all productions things are coming together, bit by bit (cue your best of Sondheim playlist). Much was discussed and accomplished! This is one dedicated group of GVS devotees, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

I’m excited to announce this year’s H&G Tour weekend theme is…

‘Summer of Love.’ This theme celebrates the joys and beauty of summer in German Village and our shared love of this community. Knowing this group of neighbors, this theme will inspire those generous folks who are hosting PreTour dinners to create amazing nights of fun, food, and fabulousness.

If you are interested in being part of this year’s weekend, we need you! Not sure what or how you could help… call me, let’s figure it out! Want to host a private dinner celebrating music, art, and our shared humanity while serving up delicious food? Reach out to PreTour Co-Chair Tyler Mason. Interested in having your home or garden on Tour? Please reach out to Sean.

Want to be a Patron for this year’s tour? For $350 per person, you get first dibs on your choice of private dinners, sponsorship recognition, enjoy the cocktail hour, and of course preview all the homes and gardens. Become a Patron here!

Peace, love, and community,

~ Rachel