This German Village garden party gala benefit is held at the German Village Guest House, and features live musical entertainment, a silent auction and best hat contest.   Tea, wine and elegant hors d’oeuvres and pastries are be served. Festive garden party attire is requested (and gorgeous hats are encouraged!). Tea is from 4-7 p.m. and tickets are for sale below.

Join Us Friday Night To Discuss Preservation

To augment the focus on historic preservation — make a full weekend of it! The German Village Society will offer a Friday night speaker with a cocktail reception August 15. Stay tuned for details.

Click here to buy tickets.

What Do Tea Funds Support?

Tea funds have already been spent to buy our PastPerfect software. This is a program built for organizations like ours that allows us to track our members and donors, but also to catalog and digitize our archives. How cool will it be when you can browse your house file from your living room instead of our Meeting Haus back room? Or to watch all of our Oral History videos online? That’s where we’re headed once this project is complete, and the project relies on the software.

Tea funds also allowed us to alter the Columbus Health Department’s Art Walk signs. All over the city, you’ll see those signs have a BRIGHT green alongside the dark blue. German Village Art Walk signs have the blue with a toned-down brown befitting our bricks. That project relied on Tea money.

The next big project Tea money was earmarked to tackle – and is now underway with architecture firm BHDP – is a comprehensive signage project. Despite our 40-year existence on the National Register of Historic Places, we’ve never quite connected on some of the trappings of a historic neighborhood. Picture Georgetown, Boston, Savannah – even Dublin, Ohio, has a more complete signage approach than our beloved German Village. The signage project seeks to place historic street signs, historical markers, storytelling plaques, border markers and directional signs to help residents and visitors alike better appreciate our brand of preservation.

National preservation experts say that without signs, no one in a historic district will focus on preservation issues. Additionally, preservation researchers contend that signage and markers add value to homes in a historic district. These stories increase property values and create a greater likelihood that our neighborhood will continue to be cared for in the future because each person who loves the Village will have a greater understanding of that which surrounds them.