By: Lillian van Wyngaarden


The corner of Frankfort and S. High Street is bustling with the usual back-and-forth of dogs’ tails and the clinking of leashes on collars that so often encompass German Village. However, this corner is especially important for the pets of German Village because it is home to Village Pet Supply. Village Pet Supply, first opening in 2003, offers the commodities and services to keep pets happy and healthy, all with an air of local hospitality. The business offers anything from food that suits a variety of diet needs for different animals, to dog walking, pet sitting and even birthday cakes for dogs.


Village Pet Supply is owned and operated by Greg Gamier and Jeff Lowe, who took their background in restaurant management to start the pet store. It was not hard to find inspiration for the business because of the number of pets in the Village, leading to a high demand, but also because of the love the two men have for their own pets according to Gamier and Lowe.


The creation of Village Pet Supply is just the beginning for Gamier and Lowe. Gamier and Lowe have lived in the Village since the 1990s, often becoming involved in events like Haus und Garten. Soon attending events turned into volunteering for them, eventually leading the two men to take on their current positions: Lowe the head chair of the German Village Business Community, and Gamier an acting Board Member to German Village Society.  


Gamier and Lowe also act as the head chairs for Art Crawl and Village Lights. The men decided to take on these two Village events because of their love for the Village, but also because, “Somebody had to,” joked Lowe. 


Village Pet Supply can be found at 740 S. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43206 across from Local Cantina in German Village. It is open Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  


A note from the editor: We could not possibly begin to do all that we do for our business community without the help of Greg & Jeff. They are simply wonderful- and humble. Therefore, I am taking this moment to brag on them. They are selfless, hardworking men with love for German Village. If you’ve ever attended Art Crawl or Village Lights, they are the men behind the magic. Take a moment to stop in to Village Pet Supply and say hello and thank-you for all they do for our community.

-We appreciate you.-