Eye Columbus

933 S High Street
Columbus, OH 43206

(614) 444-6366

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Eyecare at Eye Columbus

Eye Columbus is a multi-specialty, multi-location eye care practice with facilities located in Gahanna and Downtown Columbus Ohio. The Mission of Eye Columbus is “Give Better” – promoting only the best services to keep your eyes healthy for years to come. We offer medical optometric services for every one in your family regardless of age or lifestyle. Below you will find some examples of your services.

The Lifestyle Eye Exam – This is not your basic eye exam. Dr. Miller customizes this examination based on your eye health and lifestyle needs. Every Lifestyle Eye Exam includes a thorough medical eye health evaluation including Glaucoma assessment, Macular Degeneration evaluation and even a free LASIK candidacy evaluation. Read more about the other features that make the Lifestyle Eye Exam superior. *Read More

Kids Eyes

At Eye Columbus, not only are kids welcome, but they are our number one priority.

Contact Lens Exam

Do you wear Multifocal contacts? What about Toric contacts? Have you ever tried Toric-Multifocal contact lenses? Regardless of your need, Dr. Miller and the eye doctors at Eye Columbus in Gahanna and Columbus, have the experience to find the best contact lenses for your eyes and Lifestyle.


At Eye Columbus we believe in only the best for your eyes. That is why Dr. Miller partnered with Fresh Vision Laser Eye Center, as a charter member, to offer patients iLASIK. Completely customized blade-free LASIK. Dr. Miller performes a LASIK candidacy on every patient as part of the Lifestyle Eye Exam.