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For over the past decade Nicole Wilkerson has been doing a myriad of things… she’s planned large events, and run them.  She has organized and run households, managed teams of people, and cared for people’s children. The majority of the time she has been working for busy, successful professionals who needed someone, in one form or another, to take care of their life outside of the office so they can be fully present in the office.

After really reflecting on my past career, the majority of what I do, and love doing, is helping people become successful.  Success in any area of your life.  Whether it is directly in the office or at work, planning the big birthday party for your wife/husband, finding that perfect gift for your sister, or getting the cupcakes to the classroom holiday party.  I strongly believe that one of the biggest successes in life is achieving balance of work and play.  That is what I want to help you achieve.  I want you to be able to leave at the end of a long day, or week, and know that those “little things” have been taken care of with great care and a personal touch.