The Law Office of Neil Rosenberg

400 S. 5th St., Suite 301
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 9am-5pm

My office is conveniently located downtown, within walking distance of the Franklin County Courts but I serve all of central Ohio.

I specialize in criminal defense in cases such as: DUI/OVI; Federal Conspiracy and Racketeering; drug possession and distribution offenses; sex crimes; white collar crimes; assault; domestic violence; and all other criminal offenses.

I have been practicing law for over 25 years. I’ve handled cases in every criminal court in the state including Franklin County, U.S. District Court, The 6th Circuit and municipal/mayor’s courts in the suburbs like Westerville and Dublin.

I have working relationships with experts who can assist me on almost any type of case whether it involves anything from technology to testing procedures.

I am dedicated to defending your rights, pursuing justice and fairness, and protecting my clients, no matter the case.

If you have been accused of a crime, you can count on me and my team to stand beside you. Feel free to give us a call today with any questions.