August 15, 2020

Celebrate German Village

6:00 – 7:30 p.m.



588 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215

Celebrate 60 Years of the German Village Society on Saturday, August 15 

What: A virtual 60th anniversary celebration of the German Village Society hosted by Andrea Cambern

Who: Friends and neighbors who love German Village

Where: Your own home, patio, or garden

Attire: Funky, Fun, Fab, and Festive! Here’s the reason to bust out your best you’ve been waiting for!

How: Drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and more will be delivered to your door. You tune in via Zoom for an over-the-top evening and some fun surprises.

Greg Mullins + Joe Berean | 561 Sixth St.

Date of Construction: 1870s -1880s

This property was built in 1872 by Samuel Sharp and sold to Adam W. Erner the same year. He lived there till 1879 and sold it to a laborer in 1879. He lived here till 1911 and sold it to Anna M. Walliser, a householder. She then sold it to Samuel Brodbelt Sr. in 1960.

Brooke + Mark Malinowski | 180 Kossuth St.

Date of Construction: 1878

Christian Fredrick Jaeger owned 140 acres on South High St. He broke his property into lots and sold them, one of which was 180 Kossuth St. It was known as Lot 107. He sold Lot 107 to Mr. Nicolaus Mehler, an accomplished carpenter, in 1867. He broke the lot into three houses and built 180, 184, and 188 E. Kossuth St. He then sold his lot to Mr. Charles Eckhart, a janitor of Mound St. School, in 1882. In 1897, after Charles Eckhart and his wife’s death, the property was divided into 5 different plots and sold to their heirs. One of the pieces, 180 E. Kossuth St., was received by Catherine Eckhart. Her son George Eckart received the rights to the house after her death in 1947. He then rented it while he lived elsewhere. He later sold it to The Independent Realty Co. in 1949. The two-story house is rectangular in shape and made of masonry construction. The house has gable roof and ashlar foundation.

David Thomas + Vincent Thompson | 569 Sixth St.
Tyler Mason + Anthony Meyer | 626 Fifth St.

The property was built in 1848 and owned by Abraham Stott. He then sold it in 1850 to Conrad Lunz, a laborer. He lived there till 1882 and sold it to John Eigensee who sold it to Ludwig Oelgoetz, a butcher, the same year. He sold it to F.J. Weinlein in 1888 and he sold it to Henry Trautman, a painter the same year. He lived there till 1925 and sold it to William Weber.

The Garden of Peggy + Bob Walter | 673 Mohawk St.