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Colleen has been photographing since 2009. Her work features a range of subjects from abstract, to city and aerial photography. She`s had work featured on a Hallmark Card and displayed in the Empire State Building along with work currently hanging in the Hotel LeVeque in Columbus. Colleen currently works as the photographer for the Ohio State Highway Patrol.


Q: What’s your favorite part about your work? What can make it challenging?

A: My favorite part about my work is seeing those who view it, connecting with it.  It may be something as small as, they like photos of fireworks or New York City or it could be something as big as them reacting to my Pelotonia photos because they know someone who has been affected by cancer and they connect with it on a personal level.  Sometimes, they even connect with it to a point they want to share their story.  I think the most challenging part is you never know how someone will interpret your work.  Art is a very subjective field because everyone has a different opinion on what is art and what is good.  I was told many times, going through college, that I wouldn’t do anything having to do with the photography field because I did not have the style that suited those critiquing my work. In spite of that, each day during the week I pick up my camera and head to work as a photographer for law enforcement and continue photographing in my spare time.

 Q: What motivated you to become an artist?

A: What motivated me to become an artist was that I wanted to leave my imprint on the world.  They always say a picture is worth a thousand words and as photographers, we get to capture stories of places we’ve been, the people we encounter, and the moments we witness. The exact image we see happens, we capture it, and it never happens that way again and to me, that is amazing.  I was motivated to become an artist because I hoped one day I might leave an impact on those who come across my work and see the images I have taken and learn something about the moments I have witnessed.


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