City Services FAQ

The Long-Range Planning Committee, tasked to be the German Village Society’s think tank, has completed a series of guides that will help residents live better in our urban community. Since “creating a thriving and contemporary community in German Village” is stated in our charitable mission, this project is a perfect fit.┬áHave an idea for answers you need? Email

How To Get A Pothole Fixed

How To Get A Street or Park Light Repaired

How To Arrange For Bulk Pickup

How To Plant, Replace A Tree

How To Replace, Repair A Sidewalk

Personal Repair Requests

Electricity and Utility Line Repair

Satellite Installation

Code Enforcement

Dogs In City Parks


Noisy Trash/Recycling


City Government –
Mayor’s Action Center, 50 West Gay Street, 43215
614-645-CITY, 614-645-8185 (FAX)

City Council, City Hall, 90 West Broad Street, Room #231, 43215
614-645-8564 – President’s Office
Visit the City’s web site for Email addresses and phone numbers for specific members/aides.

Transportation Division/ 645-5660

Get Parking Permit
Click here.

Street Sweeping Program
City Park: From Livingston to Reinhard
Third: From Livingston to Reinhard
Mohawk: Livingston to Reinhard
Days (Check actual calendar)
West Side of Street – 2nd Tues.
East Side of Street – 2nd Wed.
Cleaning Schedule – April to October: 8-10AM

Report Problems
Pothole & Street Repair/ 645-5660
Sidewalk in Poor Condition/ 645-7497
Broken Traffic Light/Street Sign/ 645-7393

City Snow Updates/ 645-7669
Franklin County Snow Alerts/ 462-2333
Franklin County Road Conditions/ 462-3072

Snow Related

Towed Automobile
Parking Violations Bureau
400 West Whittier Street/ 645-6400
Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8AM-8:30PM Sunday: 8AM-5:30PM
Note: Drivers’ License, Title or Registration Required – Cash or Credit Card Accepted

Refuse division/ 645-7620
Collection/ 645-8774
GV is divided into two color-coded refuse areas (RUBY-645-7829) & (GOLD-645-6453) Collection day changes after each Holiday (except Good Friday/Veterans Day)
See Calendar for Details.
Lost City Provided Refuse Container/ 645-8774
Bulky Items PU/ 645-8774
Dead Animal Collection City/ 645-5966
Disposal Day Dates- Waste-Not Line/ 898-2480 Website:
City Health Department/ 645-7676

City Forester & Tree Removal/ 645-3350

Parks & Recreation/ 645-3300

Department of Public Utilities
Electricity General/ 645-7360
Power Outages/ 645-7626
Street Lights Out/ 645-7627
Sewer Sewerage/Drainage Maintenance Operations Center
Basement Floods/ 645-7102
Water Bills/ 645-8270
Water Emergency Services/ 645-7788

The city provides blue recycling bins and every-other-week curbside pickup. Learn all about the program here.

Department of Health
Animal Bites, Dangerous Animals, Rabies Control/ 645-7288 When reporting a bite,
owner’s address is critical information if available.
Foodborne Illness Complaints/ 645-6766 Weekends or After Hours/ 645-7417
Monitored 24 Hours.

Department of Public Safety
Security Alarm License / 645-7960 240
Greenlawn Avenue Fire Department Complex, 43223
License Fee Due in Spring Every 2 Years

City Auditor’s Office
City Income Tax Division/ 645-7477
50 West Gay Street , 4th Floor