The unique characteristics of this densely populated urban neighborhood ~ mixed residential and commercial use, alleys, brick streets, houses built close to the lot lines, and a large park used for a wide variety of activities ~ call for mindful attention to the impact individual actions have on the community as a whole.

The German Village Society seeks to promote goodwill and harmonious living by providing information on maintaining positive neighbor relationships, serving as a resource for referrals on issues that require professional mediation, and by facilitating dialogue on issues of concern.

We believe that gentle reminders of simple courtesies and seasonal responsibilities will result in increased awareness and greater respect for each other’s space and quality of life.

Examples include:
· Reasonable schedules for commercial trash removal
· Tidy curb and tree lawns
· Pet control
· Snow and ice removal from sidewalks
· Sensitivity when installing outside lighting and/or sound systems
· Awareness of the significant impacts that alterations to landscaping have on neighbors

Be a thoughtful urban neighbor – the effort is minimal and the rewards are tremendous!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the garbage collection schedule work?

The German Village is divided into two zones, and therefore trash pick-up varies throughout the neighborhood. City holidays impact collection; the week of any holiday the collection will move forward by one day, and then return to the original collection day the following week. Call 614.645.3111 to determine your zone and pick-up schedule. Or check the collection schedule on line at

Does Columbus have a recycling program?

The City of Columbus has a partnership with Rumpke Recycling to offer curbside recycling to all Columbus residents for $33.00 for 3 months. A recycling bin is provided for your personal use. Curbside collection is the same day as your yard waste collection day.  To subscribe, visit or call Rumpke at 800.828.8171.

What is the tree lawn?

It is the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street. Not only does that grass have a name, but it belongs to the city. In other words, the tree lawn is considered part of the public right-of-way.  Adding or removing a street tree to the tree lawn does require a Certificate of Appropriateness, but these applications can be staff approved by the City Preservation Office staff.

Homeowners should call the City Department of Recreation and Parks to have a tree planted, pruned, or removed within the tree lawn. All of this work will be done free of charge. For the city to remove a street tree it must be dead, dying or hazardous.

Recreation and Parks offers several dozen varieties for street trees for planting, and as a rule they aim for diversity.

Residents are welcome to handle light pruning, but anything structural should be done by professionals in Recreation and Parks. Because of the size of Columbus and its outlying neighborhoods, Recreation and Parks can understandably only move so fast.  If you have a dead or dying tree that you think may be a hazard, the city can grant you a free permit to remove the tree if you do not want to wait for Recreation and Parks.

Any questions regarding street trees or the tree lawn in front of your property should go to City Forester Jack Low at 614.645.6640.

How do I obtain a parking permit?

Call 614.645.6400 ext. 3 or go directly to the City of Columbus Parking Violations Bureau at 2700 Impound Lot Road. You will need proof of your residence on two documents (e.g. utility bill, rental agreement, etc.) and your vehicle registration.

Is company coming to town?

German Village residents who have purchased Permit A permits may also obtain one-day temporary permits for guests. There is no limit to the number of permits you get each year.

Which streets are cleaned by the City and when?

From April to October, the City of Columbus cleans select German Village streets. Residents who live or park along City Park Avenue from Livingston to Stewart, Third Street from Livingston to Reinhard, or Mohawk Street from Livingston to Reinhard should adhere to the following schedule: the west side of City Park Avenue, Third Street and Mohawk Street is cleaned the on second Tuesday of each month from April to October; the east side of City Park Avenue, Third Street, and Mohawk Street is cleaned on the second Wednesday of each month from April to October. Mark your calendars to avoid a tow!

2700 Impound Lot Road  

Columbus, OH 43207