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Bricks & Brushes by Joe Lombardo & Students

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Join us for Joe Lombardo & Students for their exhibit, Bricks & Brushes, during regular Visitor’s Center Hours, M-F 9:00-4:00, Sat 10:00-2:00, Sun 12:00-3:00.

Please join us for an Opening Reception on April 7th from 2:00-4:00. Light snacks and drinks provided.

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Bricks and Brushes

  • Welcome to our class and to each student’s interpretation of well known and hidden gems in German Village. Whether it’s atmospheric perspective, tonal value, or a limited color palette, we use our varied points of view to try to create compelling paintings of your beautiful Village.
  • Painting what I see, not what I know, of value, color, and temperature as light and shadows change is challenging and rewarding. I am learning to paint faster and more intuitively. I love the sun warming me, the breezes flowing, and the birds chirping as I paint.
  • German Village has both well known landmarks and hidden gems that we have tried to capture on canvas. It has been both challenging and fun to capture the charm of this special spot in Columbus.
  • Capturing the translucence of light, space, and place: That is what plein air painting is about. And what better place to explore them than German Village!
  • Painting bricks is intimidating and difficult because of the detail involved. As plein air painters, we learn to squint and paint the light and shadow. We suggest the bricks.  We simplify the world around us.
  • Plein air painting is exciting and challenging. Everything changes: the light, the temperature, the wind, the clouds, and even my emotions as I deal with these changes. It is a kind of love affair, learning to risk and explore.
  • Our instructor, Joe Lombardo, always starts our painting sessions with a demonstration and explanation of learning objectives, such as atmospheric perspective, color scheme, value patterns, high key, scrape and repeat…. He instructs us to “Paint with no fear!”
  • Each time I come to Schiller Park, many subjects draw my attention. The biggest draw is the never-ending parade of walkers, most of whom have dogs! Maybe if they stay at a bench, I could try painting them sometime. I have tried painting a man fishing at the pond, but he moved shortly after I started.
  • Painting plein air in Ohio: The light appears, the light fades, and then it comes back again: You must be ready to seize it.
  • The dedicated volunteers who design and maintain the beautiful gardens of Schiller Park create art with colors, shapes, and textures that provide us with inspiration.
  • This show examines the old versus the new. It is a new interpretation of a Columbus neighborhood with an older ambience.
  • We experience and interpret nature in Schiller Park through shape and color, and we support and learn from each other as we learn from nature.


April 7 - May 4


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