This information is provided to all property owners in the German Village Historic District so that they may make informed decisions with regard to gas meter location.

For 57 years, the German Village Society has been the vanguard in protecting the historic attributes of the district, the oldest in the state of Ohio. Listing on the National Register in 1974 galvanized our efforts to maintain the historic integrity to the highest possible standards. We do this through education and advocacy, assisting property owners in maintaining their buildings and outdoor spaces.

These efforts have resulted in one of the most sought-after residential addresses in the city, thousands of tourists annually enjoy the Village, and national recognition has honored our home as an award-winning neighborhood. In 2017, we have seen an average of 22% rise in assessed property values. Sound preservation practices and diligent advocacy on behalf of the district no doubt contribute to our continued success.

Over the past decade, Columbia Gas of Ohio has been working in neighborhoods across the state to replace thousands of miles of main lines and service lines, to enhance the safety and reliability of its system. While the current system in German Village has performed well, it is time for Columbia Gas to replace the aging bare steel and cast iron lines throughout the neighborhood, and install a brand new state-of-the-art natural gas system. As a component of this infrastructure upgrade, Columbia Gas will be relocating most gas meters to the exterior of buildings.


The German Village Society has partnered with Columbia Gas to site meters out of public view on buildings when possible, which adheres to state and national preservation standards. These are the very same standards each and every property owner is required to adhere to when considering exterior changes.

Per the German Village Society and Columbia Gas agreement on file with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, when possible the front façade will be the last choice for meter location.

We worked successfully to reach an agreement with Columbia Gas which provides German Village residents with not only an improved gas delivery system but the ability to participate in the ongoing preservation of our district.

Per the agreement, our goal with each meter relocation is to lead with safety. In many cases, a property may have multiple safe and feasible placements, and that’s when together – Columbia Gas, the Society and you, the customer – should work together to locate each meter when possible on the rear façade, or in cases where safety is a concern, or where an owner objects, as far back along a side façade as is possible. If the only safe location renders the meter viewable from the public throughway, Columbia Gas has agreed to assist the property owner in concealing the meter with plantings, even painting the meter to blend more easily with the exterior surface of the home.

Columbia Gas has also agreed to partner with the Society on its sidewalk repair program.

You told us repair and maintenance of sidewalks is one of your top concerns. We listened and developed our Sidewalk Repair Incentive Program. This program provides financial rewards to assist qualified residents in the repair of their sidewalks. Please inquire when we begin conversation about where to locate your meter!

When the pipeline upgrade project requires the removal of a sidewalk, the German Village Society will work in partnership with Columbia Gas to assure that your sidewalk is repaired to standards. If your sidewalk is currently concrete, you will have the opportunity to participate in our sidewalk repair program and move to a brick walk if you would like.

The German Village Society and Columbia Gas look forward to working with you to find the safest location for your meter and on any landscape repairs the gas line replacement projects might require.

Questions?    Please Contact:

Nancy Kotting

Historic Preservation Advocate

The German Village Society



Kristin Begg

External Affairs Specialist

Columbia Gas of Ohio