PLEASE NOTE: for those attending the Commission Planning meeting August 29, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the Meeting Haus (588 S. 3rd St.):  During Wednesday’s meeting, the Society has hired Vorys Sater attorney Jill Tangeman to answer questions and take part in preparation of your talking points and letters. Jill’s bio is here: Jill has worked on both the developer side and the community-action side of zoning and variance disputes during her career, so she can really give us insight to the way the process works and the way developers use the Commission and BZA/Council processes so that our community is prepared to respond accordingly.

The September German Village Commission Agenda can be found here. Below are some items scheduled to be heard. Bookmark the German Village Commission website, and view past agendas and meeting minutes. Occasionally, changes are made to the Agenda following printing. Please check the City of Columbus Historic Preservation Office web page here for any updates. The July GVC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5, 2018 beginning at 4:00 P.M. at 111 N. Front St., Hearing Room 204. If you are attending the meeting, you may park in the garage just north of 111 N. Front. Enter from Ludlow Alley, as shown on the map below. You will get a ticket when you enter, which will then get you out of the garage when you leave. There will be a guard shack as you enter. Just tell him/her that you are there for the GVC meeting. There is no charge.

Parking Map









When you enter 111 N. Front at the northeast corner entrance, walk back to the back wall and check in with security. They will then direct you to the hearing room on the second floor.

Contact Connie Torbeck (614-645-0664 or or D.W. Routte ( or 614-645-8654) at the Columbus Historic Preservation Office if you have any questions regarding the agenda or applications.  Applications are available for in-person review at the Columbus Historic Preservation Office.  If the link to view agenda or application does not work, email Nancy Kotting at and she will email you the file.

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