Street Lights

Are you tired of dealing with confusing intersections with no streetlights or riding your bike home on a dark road?

  • To report any dysfunctional street or park light, call 614-645-7627 and provide detailed information, such as street name, intersection, and direction of travel.
  • A recent report from the Community Crime Patrol cites the following areas as being dark despite their street lights: Frankfort from High to Mohawk, Hoster from High to 3rd, City Park from Whittier to Livingston, Columbus from 3rd to City Park, and 6th from Jackson to Beck.
  • What can you do to light up dark streets in German Village?
    • Turn on your porch and garage lights (don’t forget that it’s important to keep our alleys bright too).
    • Contact City Forester to trim trees at 614-645-3337.
    • Install pole lights that don’t broach the tree canopy.
  • For more information about citywide street lighting, click here.
  • Spread the word to your neighbors about these services and help us keep the Village bright!

Have other questions or concerns about city services? You can contact our Neighborhood Liaison for Area V (Livingston Avenue to the City Limits and Alum Creek to the Scioto River) Jo Anne St. Clair at 6-14-645-5220 or

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