As you may have read or heard, German Village Society is in the midst of a strategic planning process.

Executive Director Shiloh Todorov wants to spend some time this month talking to YOU, understanding better what motivates you to support German Village Society. After 2 ½ years on the job, she’d like a chance to know more people better and learn about your passion for the neighborhood.

Since we are in a strategic planning process this year, it would be helpful to understand, when you look out on the horizon, how you picture German Village and the activities of the Society.

If you’d like to have coffee and conversation, Shiloh will be out looking for company at the following time and locations:

Wednesday | April 23 | 5:30-6:30 | Cup O Joe

Friday | April 25 | 3:30-4:30 p.m. | Winans

Monday | April 28 | 8-9 a.m. | Starbucks