Michael J. Cornelis| Board of Trustees President

Hi neighbors! Yes, the truly unthinkable has happened. Your former Oktoberfest Bier Chairman has been elected GVS President. Lord have mercy. And even more unbelievable, I didn’t even have to offer anyone a free beer for their vote!

But seriously, this is truly a great honor. As most of you know, Susan and I have lived here in the same house on Mohawk Street for nearly 30 years. All the while, we have been truly loving this amazing neighborhood and you all so much. I have done just about every GVS volunteer job imaginable. Except this one. I pledge to you to do my best to serve you all and the German Village community.

Please join me in three cheers to Chris Hune!!! I can’t say enough how incredible her leadership and dedication has meant to our village. Over the centuries there have been countless stories, songs, and legends told about fearless leaders rising to the challenge when the chips were down and with everything hanging in the balance. This is exactly what Chris Hune did for all of us. For that we all owe her our sincere thanks and gratitude.

Welcome to the three new board members: Elizabeth K. Newton (Vice President), Jonathan Hoag, & Jeffrey Stavroff