Myths and Misconceptions about Membership in the German Village Society

Michael J. Cornelis |Board President

We have kicked off the new year with our annual membership drive. This year’s drive will take place over the first quarter. So, there is still plenty of time for you to sign up or renew your membership. We are really hopeful that you will join the GVS at one of our higher member levels. GVS really counts on your support in order to continue our historic preservation mission. Your continued support means the world to us!

In the last few months since being elected president, I have had the pleasure of speaking with many of you about the value of your German Village Society membership. It seems to me that there are many misconceptions about the German Village Society and membership. So, here is an attempt at clarifying these.

Why is it called a Society? Isn’t that a word for old people?

I agree that the term society does seem a bit outdated. However, I’ve not seen anyone come up with a better term for us and our mission. And society is related to the word social. And social media is quite a modern term. So, perhaps the use of society is so old that it’s back in style again? OK, that’s a reach, I admit.

I no longer live in German Village; can I still be a member?

Yes. There is no requirement for membership that you must live in German Village proper.

Can we gift a GVS membership to a relative who loves German Village?

Yes. We love the love.

I am a renter. Do I need to be a German Village property owner to be a member of the Society?

All people and pets are welcome to be GVS members.

I own several Airbnb’s in German Village. Can I join the GVS at member levels for each property I own?

OK, no one ever asks this. 😊 But to any of you short term rental owners out there, how about increasing your GVS membership levels by each one of your units? We are feeling the pains from each unit that has likely removed a former member from our neighborhood and our Society from our roster.

The German Village Commission dinged us on an application, so we are mad at the Society.

The Society and the Commission are two totally different entities. The Commission is appointed by the mayor’s office and their actions are independent of the Society.

I am upset about: Traffic, Crime, Homelessness, Parking, Development, Stray Animals, Rodents, Sidewalks, Gas Meters, Short Term Rentals, etc. And what is the Society going to do about it?

We share your concerns. Working together we can better address these and other concerns. The best way to help us is to become a member of the society. Join a committee. Put your passion into action. Our core mission is Historic Preservation, but Quality of Life is vital to us all as well.

Join or upgrade your GVS membership today!