UPDATE - JULY 7 -- Due to technical difficulty, the agenda for tonight's meeting may not be on the city website. Click here to download.

UPDATE - MAY 19 -- The City of Columbus Planning Office has issued additional guidance for upcoming virtual commission meetings, including the German Village Commission Meeting on Tuesday, June 2 at 4pm. Visit the City of Columbus Historic Preservation and Design Review Areas homepage here.

For detailed instructions for public participation, click here.

For detailed instructions for applicants, click here.

A few important notes for everyone:

  • Applications are being heard in the order they were submitted.
  • All board and commission meetings are scheduled for 90 minutes and will last no longer than 120 minutes. Any application that is not heard within that time frame will be moved to the next month's meeting.
  • Meetings will be held on WebEx and broadcast live on YouTube - if you wish to provide testimony, you need to request a WebEx meeting link from no less than two hours, but preferably no less than 24 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Comments and questions to be read need to be emailed to no less than 24 hours prior to the meeting.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Andrew Dodson, Manager, Historic Preservation & Outreach, at

German Village Historic District Guidelines
Whether you are a Village resident, property owner, tenant, architect, contractor, or business owner, please become very familiar with German Village Guidelines. Before making any exterior changes to your property, read this book from cover to cover. Learn about the Commission and its procedures. Then go back and re-read the sections about the specific projects you have in mind. Refer to these guidelines when planning rehabilitation, new construction, or additions to ensure results compatible with the Village’s character.

The German Village Commission manages the area’s continuing evolution and development.

To do this, it needs your full cooperation. It has developed these design guidelines after carefully analyzing German Village’s architecture and the changes most frequently proposed. The Commission’s recommendations help safeguard all the qualities that make German Village a unique, special neighborhood. It protects and enhances those qualities by encouraging preservation and rehabilitation work that reflects and builds on the Village’s historic architecture and design.

As you read the design guidelines, notice there are few outright prohibitions. Nor does the Commission stipulate specific designs or solutions to problems; it prefers that you have the freedom to plan your own rehabilitation or construction work. At the same time, the Commission has a mandate from the city to channel this work so that it complements the Village’s character. The German Village Commission Assistant can help you in preparing for Commission review.

Applicants who follow the recommendations in these guidelines when drawing up their design proposals should have little difficulty with zoning regulations or with review by the German Village Commission. These guidelines encourage both a creative approach to design problems and the innovative use of new materials and construction techniques.

For a quick FAQ-style overview, click here.


German Village Historic District Guidelines – CLICK HERE »

**If you’d prefer to download a copy of the Guidelines as a pdf file, see below – be warned it is a large file!
DOWNLOAD German Village Historic District Guidelines » (108mg)
(Note: This a large download (108mg) so it may take some time depending on the speed of your connection. A hard copy version of the guidelines is available for viewing at the German Village Society office.

View Specific Sections of the German Village Historic District Guidelines:
DOWNLOAD Historic Commission Review Application

For German Village Commission meeting times and dates, visit the City of Columbus German Village Commission page »