On Monday August 7, 2017, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio added a filing to the docket for our formal complaint against Columbia Gas of Ohio. In this filing the PUCO did two significant things:

  1. They set a date for a formal settlement conference between Columbia Gas of Ohio and the German Village Society. This conference will be held at the offices of the PUCO and conducted by the Attorney Examiner.
  2. The PUCO has blocked Columbia Gas from terminating gas service during the pendency of the complaint.

While we are appreciative of yet another opportunity to attempt settlement with Columbia Gas, we remain cautiously optimistic. We have conducted several informal attempts at settlement prior to filing our Formal Complaint and were unable to reach any agreement.

What is most compelling to us now is the protection the PUCO has offered our residents who refuse to allow Columbia Gas to relocate meters from gas service shut-off.  It is critical that customers have the option to refuse relocation without fear of losing gas service in the interim. We are thankful the PUCO took this action.

We launched a cross-platform mobilization around this issue last Thursday, August 3. Since that time we have had numerous property owners join our Formal Complaint, write letters on our behalf to the Commissioners at the PUCO and to the Governor and share our message across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on NextDoor. It truly does take a village to save the Village!

We had an extraordinary response to our Sunday Phone-A-Thon where we reached out to several rental property owners as well as owner occupants who were not yet aware of this issue, nor our filing of a Formal Complaint. Many were thankful for our advocacy work and offered their full support.

Remember, if Columbia Gas knocks on your door, or your tenants door here in village, you have the right to refuse meter relocation until we receive a ruling from the  PUCO on our complaint.  You are now no longer at risk of having your gas service disconnected, thanks to the PUCO.

Thank you for your continues support!