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About Sharyn Beodeker:

Lily and Pine specializes in unique crochet home goods made by textile and fiber artist, Sharyn Beodeker. A recent graduate from CCAD’s Master of Fine Arts program, Sharyn is a new business owner looking to build her brand and expand her artistic network. Originally from the Pocono Mountains of North East Pennsylvania, she is largely inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds her hometown. Drawing from that, she uses neutral cotton ropes and yarns with splashes of color to create unique home goods. From placemats and coasters, to table runners and dishcloths, no two pieces are exactly the same. She hopes her pieces bring light, warmth, and a unique character into your home.


Q: When did you start working in your medium and why?

I’ve been crocheting since I was probably about 10 years old- I am now 26. My mom had always crocheted, made afghans for family members, scarves, etc.  I struggled when I first started and would get easily frustrated but after a lot of practice and patience it became second nature.  I can now practically crochet with my eyes closed and recently completed my Master of Fine Arts degree and my thesis work was all crochet!

Q: What does your artwork represent?

The work I make for Lily and Pine represents the beauty of an age-old family craft passed down from mother to daughter.  It’s a story of what it looks like to take something you love, allow it to become your passion, and not be afraid to truly invest in its growth.  Each time I crochet I am reminded of the home I grew up in, tucked in the mountains of North East Pennsylvania.  I use a mix of browns, blues, and greens, to represent the lush pines and lakes that encompass the area I grew up in.  I love being able to create items for people’s homes, bringing in a specific warmth and love that can only come from one of a kind hand made goods.

Q: What does art mean to you?

Art to me is the ability to express oneself through a visual means and to connect with others when words just aren’t quite enough.  Art allows people to have conversation, bridge gaps, and share experiences.  It means connecting with thousands through a visual means and allows you to truly fully express yourself in your most vulnerable state.  Art brings people together when language can often tear us apart.  Art is community, acceptance, diversity.  It is challenging and can be exhausting but in the end is always worth it.

Q: How do you overcome creative blocks?

Phew! Creative blocks are hard!  Usually when I am struggling to make, I just do my best to either write out ideas, seek inspiration from other artists or writers, and when I feel like I can’t make anything, I sit down and force myself to make SOMETHING.  It could be a small collage or a simple blind contour drawing, but, when it feels like all your creativity has gone dry, sometimes all you need is that small step to get it going again.

Q: What’s your favorite part about Art Crawl?

This is my first year at Art Crawl and only my second full year living in Columbus! I am really excited for the opportunity and to see the other artists that will be at the crawl!

Q:  If you could have one item with you on a deserted island, what would it be and why?

This is always such a tough question!  Honestly- I would probably take my Bible- always provides a good voice of reason, hope, and certainty in any situation, or of course, a crochet hook!  You’d be surprised the types of things you could make using one of these bad boys! I can already see myself stripping down large leaves and crocheting them into mats to lay or sleep on!