It Takes a Village:  Building a Haus und Garten Tour

The German Village Haus und Garten Tour is the annual celebration of this neighborhood.  When we speak of a neighborhood, we often think in terms of place, and German Village is defined in many ways by its location as a historic district in Columbus.  But German Village is, of course, also a community—a group of people sharing a set of common interests and goals—and Tour Weekend is also a celebration of this community.  The German Village community now spans many different generations and it has thrived over the years by welcoming newcomers and tapping into their talent, energy, and commitment.  Volunteering for the Haus und Garten Tour is the ideal way to embrace the community that is German Village.  In 2012, Beth Burson was relatively new to the neighborhood and she decided to volunteer for Tour Weekend because, as she remembers, “I wanted to be more involved and found it was a great way to connect with neighbors.”  Your volunteer experience is guaranteed to be memorable and over the past six years Beth has seen it all, including the time when someone took a huge handful of nuts and a swig from an empty martini glass that had been set out at one tour stop where she was stationed.  Volunteering is fun and connects you to the German Village community as you share your pride and passion for the neighborhood by sharing our stories with Tour patrons.  So whether you have lived here for forty years or forty days, the German Village Haus und Garten Tour wants you!  As Beth puts it:  “Volunteer!  Meet your neighbors.  Get involved.  This is YOUR community.”