Here is some information from Columbus’ Recreation and Parks Department regarding tree issues, including planting, removal, and storm damage:

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department Comprehensive Tree Planting Program

1. The goal of the program is to eventually plant all available planting sites along city streets.

2. Existing trees that are removed will be replaced at the request of the adjacent property owner and only if sufficient space exists for the proper development of a new tree. There is no charge for this program.

3. The Forestry Section will operate a municipal nursery to supply trees for the planting program. The goal of the nursery is to produce high quality and diverse species of trees for planting on city streets and parks.


Citizens can plant their own street trees by obtaining a free permit from the City Forester. The City Forester will recommend species and quantity and citizens are responsible for all costs associated with the planting.  Permits can be accessed at 1111 E. Broad Street or by calling 614-645-3337.  Use the same contact information for questions about planting personal lawn trees.

Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Strips

Trees are included in the renovation of older commercial strips.  In German Village specifically, this includes Livingston Avenue.  The Forestry Section provides regular maintenance (weeding, spraying herbicide, pruning, guard and grate work) to street trees growing in Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Strips.

Park Plantings

Trees are planted annually in various city parks. These trees are planted through many programs, including existing nursery stock, Capital Improvement Projects, and volunteers. The lead for Schiller Park volunteers and donation is the Arboretum Fund, chaired by Lindy Michael. Donations of money or volunteer time can be directed to Lindy’s attention at The German Village Society, 588 S. Third St., Columbus, OH 43215.  Be sure to mention that your interest is for the Arboretum Fund.

Storm Damage

The Urban Forestry section provides storm emergency response 24/7.

Emergency Contact Information:

Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

614-645-6640 / 614-645-3350

During the regular hours listed above, someone will be there to assist immediately. During off hours, call Columbus Police at 614-645-4545 and they will contact the Recreation and Parks Department who will send someone to help you.

Click here to access the Storm Emergency Response Plan and the form to request street tree removal.

In need of more tree information?  Click here to contact different divisions of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

Have other questions or concerns about city services? You can contact our Neighborhood Liaison for Area V (Livingston Avenue to the City Limits and Alum Creek to the Scioto River) Jo Anne St. Clair at 614-645-5220 or