62nd Haus und Garten Tour

Sean Kessler | Executive Director

We made it! Spring is here! I know, I know… in Ohio we could still have snow for at least another month, but I am so excited about what the arrival of Spring means in German Village. Flowers are starting to pop up – out of the ground and in planters along our streets – and planning is really starting to heat up for this year’s 62nd Haus and Garten Tour and other events. One thing I have learned in my three months at the German Village Society is how passionate the residents and businesses are about the neighborhood. There is so much pride and generosity of time through volunteerism. I am one lucky person to be able to lead GVS and witness the work that goes into each detail that makes German Village unique.

Soon, we will call on even more of you to volunteer for one of our signature events, the Haus and Garten Tour. House volunteers, house captains, Meeting Haus volunteers, bus docents, mail brigade, photography, etc. We will need to fill these positions in the coming months, so keep an eye out for sign-ups. We also have many advertising and sponsorship opportunities, so if you would like to engage in that way, please feel free to contact me – skessler@germanvillage.com.

We are also happy to announce a new partnership that GVS has with German Village Tours, as they will now be providing the tours that historically were booked through the Visitors Center. Please visit our website to book the tour that best suits you, your friends, or your business!

I look forward to seeing many of you walking the bricks as the sun starts to shine more and as we head into Farmer’s Market season – don’t forget to renew your membership or if possible up your membership level! If you don’t know if you have yet, please reach out to Rachel Lewellen and she can give you any information you need – rlewellen@germanvillage.com.

Happy Spring!


N4N March 23, 2023