At the German Village Society, our mission is simple: preservation, advocacy, and promoting community in the Village. We do this through historic preservation and neighborhood engagement. We help make this neighborhood both a vibrant community and a vital part of our city’s economy.

The Village cannot be recreated or replicated. It can only be sustained through the passion of volunteers and funding from donors and civic-minded companies that benefit from a thriving Columbus.

Whether you can put your finger on it or not, you can bet the things you love about German Village are a direct result of the work of the German Village Society, which is made of our volunteers, our members, and our donors. Your financial support and membership help us to move our mission forward. Your support is greatly appreciated, and your gift is completely tax deductible! 

Members of the German Village Society serve as Caretakers of a Legacy, dedicated to retaining the character and distinction of the past while creating a thriving and contemporary community in German Village. The German Village Society is a non-profit organization that acts on members’ behalf to preserve our historic neighborhood by: 

  • Educating local & state government leaders to value, protect & enhance our community 

  • Supporting the historical character of our properties 

  • Providing a Visitor Center to welcome and educate visitors 

  • Providing a Meeting Haus for gathering and celebrating 

  • Partnering with other organizations to enhance our parks and the presence of the arts in our community 

  • Encouraging volunteerism and supporting events that weave the community together, that introduce new friends and that help make the Village a vibrant community