German Village Is Home.

And for family, friends and visitors, it’s also a home away from home. That’s because you don’t have to live in German Village to live here.  At the German Village Society, our mission is simple: preserve, protect and promote living here, and life here.

For over 50 years, we’ve done just that, leading efforts to preserve a shared past, protect the Village’s quality of life, and to promote the businesses that help to make this neighborhood both a vibrant community and a vital part of our city’s economy. It hasn’t been easy; nothing this important — or historic — ever is. That’s because while this neighborhood is cherished by so many people and remarkable in so many ways, it’s also extremely fragile.

So the Society continues to work diligently every day to ensure that what was started here two centuries ago isn’t forgotten, and that what is possible within these 233 acres isn’t forsaken for lack of either resolve or funding. Because this Village cannot be created or replicated. It can only be sustained.


That’s honoring the past. This is history in the making.


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