Nationwide Children’s Hospital announced Thursday to German Village Society that demolition of the former AfriCentric High School building will begin on Monday, July 2, after a permit process that began on June 4.

The hospital said the building is in disrepair and has asbestos tiles, making reuse of the building a challenge. The State Historic Preservation Office does not have issue with demolition of the building as it is not a defined historic property.

The property in total will become in the near-term part of Children’s parking solution to alleviate tension in the nearby neighborhoods for workers on the campus. There is discussion about whether evening and weekend parking can be open to the public, and more may be known about that plan when Children’s representatives present plans to the German Village Society board at its August meeting. Electric car-charging stations are expected at the lot.

For those who attended or recall the Mohawk school, engineers will save some bricks as mementos, a practice Children’s used at the Heyl Elementary School in Ganther’s Place.

For questions about the plans you may contact Carla Fountaine at the hospital: 614-355-0708.