Tim Morbitzer | Board of Trustee

You get to decide!

We have so many truly giving people in our neighborhood and this is the perfect time of year to recognize those folks for their dedication to German Village.

The German Village Society has three awards that we give to acknowledge the selflessness of our neighbors. The best part is YOU get to help us identify who those movers and shakers are by submitting nominees to us by email at german@germanvillage.com by December 26 at the end of the day.

The categories and their descriptions are below. Recipients will be announced at our GVS Birthday Party on January 13 at 5:30 pm at the Meeting Haus.

Now show your gratitude and send us those names!

Frank Fetch Award

The Frank Fetch Award was the brainchild of Fred Holdridge and Howard Burns in 1984. They felt it was necessary to recognize an individual for outstanding service to the German Village community. Appropriately, Frank Fetch was the first recipient of the award, which was quite timely, as he passed away six months later. The roster of recipients is a register of leadership, inspiration, and beloved friends.

Village Valuable Award

The Village Valuable Award is presented to someone who always seems to be there, right when GVS needs them, to lend a special skill, solve a problem, or just do some hard work. These are the “can-do” people that we know will always say “yes” when asked to help, who give of their time and talent freely, and who always wear a smile.

Fred & Howard Award

In 1997, the GVS Board of Trustees created a new award, honoring individuals who have done the most to carry the message of German Village and the GVS to the rest of the world – bringing attention and recognition to what we do and what we have achieved. When the Board created the award, there was no question that it be named after Fred & Howard, the champion ambassadors of German Village. In 1997, the very first award was presented to Fred Holdridge and Howard Burns, who did more for the international recognition of GV than anyone.

Check out previous recipients here.

December 15, 2023