The German Village Society is guiding the creation of a comprehensive, multi-layered signage system for our neighborhood. As a national leader in urban historic preservation we believe providing layers of consistent information will promote resident pride, enhance guest experience and communicate our not-for-profit mission of historic preservation and education for all. Research and design funds for this comprehensive program were provided by TEA43206.

We begin our program at the individual address level, believing that this is where the fabric of our collective neighborhood history comes to life. Each address is invited to participate by purchasing a combination house history and customized, long-lasting etched zinc plaque designed to integrate with the rest of the comprehensive German Village signage program as it rolls out.

Each plaque will include one unique fact or story for the address that is researched and vetted for accuracy by the GVS. All of the research results will be provided to the property owner. GVS is selling the plaques at its cost to produce. Orders will be taken and plaques will be produced in batches of 20.

The cost is $250.  Please fill out our secure payment form below.

Email for details or questions about your order: