The Columbus Historic Preservation Office, after extensive research, has established a list of pre-approved, clad replacement windows for use within all historic districts in the city.

Why is that good news you ask?  Historic windows are a prominent feature of a historic home. They are an identifying component of architectural style and maintain a critical role in preserving the historic integrity of German Village. They are also a significant investment when the time comes to replace them, one that requires careful thought and planning as well as expertise in installation.

Original historic windows remain throughout the district. They are generally comprised of old growth wood, wood that has a dense cellular structure due to compressed growth rings. This high-quality wood, when maintained properly, has an extraordinarily long lifespan.

Until now, district property owners have been required to use all-wood replacement windows. What has been discovered over time is that the quality of new growth wood used in replacement windows is of inferior quality and possesses a lifespan significantly shorter than old-growth wood windows. Some homeowners have found themselves having to replace replacement windows in just 15-20 years! This poses a significant financial burden on owners and has resulted in ongoing deterioration rather than the necessary replacement.

For these reasons, it is now possible to replace your deteriorated wood windows with clad windows from the HPO Pre-Approved Clad List CLICK HERE TO READ Clad windows will provide homeowners with the reassurance of longer lifespan while also meeting the design requirements of the district. There is also now a pre-approved list of wood replacement windows: CLICK HERE TO READ

Remember, it is always best to maintain and repair existing historic windows. Repairing and re-glazing is the preference. Our Guidelines speak to this in detail beginning on page 62. You may view our Guidelines HERE.

When windows have deteriorated such that repair is no longer feasible, as determined by HPO Staff review, the homeowner may apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness to replace the windows. If a phased replacement is planned to ease expenses, it is recommended that the owner complete replacement of ALL windows on any given façade at the same time.

Questions? Call the German Village Historic Preservation Advocate at 614-221-8888

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