Honor your Historic Home with a Plaque!


We pull information from property records, maps, city directories, biographies, and anywhere else we can to create a narrative about the history of your home, including architectural style and notable residents to be documented on a long-lasting zinc plaque.  All historical documents and information found will be shared.

Plaques are researched by our Historic Preservationist.

Please understand that this program includes not only a plaque but thorough research of the property, which we will provide to you.  Please allow 6-8 months for us to complete the research and have the plaque fabricated.  Also, keep in mind that we are at the mercy of the fabricator and supply chain issues.

Historic Home Plaques are a benefit of GVS membership.  If you are not currently a member you can join here.

Questions about a plaque, email german@germanvillage.com 

Price: $295