Go Behind the Door

If you have ever attended the German Village Haus und Garten Tour you have probably noticed someone set up with a canvass, easel and paint outside each tour stop.  By the time the last guest has seen the home and the late afternoon shadows begin to lengthen, the talented artist has produced a stunning watercolor of the house.  In the image above you can see one such painting in progress.  It comes from last year’s tour and features the home of Terri Dalenta and David Brown.  For Terri and David, the watercolor of their house is a priceless memento of Tour Weekend and is cherished for the way in which it captures the essence of their home.  German Village’s distinctive blending of brick, stone and slate helps to create that essence which continues to charm visitors to the neighborhood.  The essence of any German Village home, however, is actually created by the combination of exterior and interior features.

As Terri and David have noted:  “It is amazing how so many of the houses can look relatively uniform on the outside and yet be so fantastically different on the inside.”  Indeed, one of the things that Tour patrons remark on every year is how every home and garden has its own unique atmosphere and tells its own unique story.   For the past fifty-nine years patrons of the Haus und Garten Tour have seized the opportunity to go behind the door to experience it first hand. Our dedicated volunteers are in place to fill you in on the details of each home’s story. 

In anticipation of your visit, the weeks leading up to the Tour are often a whirlwind for our homeowners as they work to complete projects inside and outside.  For Terri and David this included gutting and remodeling their dining room, living room, master bath and outdoor space as they sought to create a space that was both lovely and livable, and which, according to the feedback from last year’s visitors, they accomplished perfectly.  This year’s homeowners look forward to welcoming you into their own unique spaces and sharing the stories that lie behind them.  Join us on Sunday June 30th—you are guaranteed to be delighted, surprised and inspired.   

by Dan Kline