New to German Village? Willkommen!

Marcus W. Watson | Historic Preservation

Welcome to your new community, a unique neighborhood rich in history and full of exciting friendships. German Village has a rich history dating back to the mid-19th century and continues to make history today. As “Caretakers of a Legacy”, the German Village Society is committed to preserving the integrity and essence of the original German Village historic district, while encouraging the rehabilitation of existing properties and the creation of new structures to add vitality to the urban community.

While the German Village Society is a nonprofit organization here for our neighbors and the betterment of the community, the German Village Commission ( is the City board charged with the responsibility to guide architectural rehabilitation in accordance with the spirit and content of the German Village Guidelines. The German Village Commission’s assistant historic preservation officer, Morgan Graff, can be emailed at

So, what does this all mean to you? The German Village Commission is the board that must approve all modifications to the exterior of your home or commercial building. The Commission has the authority to approve applications that are presented to them for remodeling projects, no matter the size or nature (i.e., house paint, window repair or replacement, sidewalk replacement, etc.).

The German Village Society is here to help. I am available to answer questions, provide forms, and even visit properties Monday through Friday. Call me at (614) 221-8888 or email me at So…. before you change your shutters or cut down that old tree, please give us a call so we can help walk you through the fairly simple process of Commission approval.

Not a member of GVS yet? Please consider becoming a member, or if you already are, please renew and consider upgrading your membership. Your annual dues not only fund many of the fun events of GVS, but they also help with historic preservation efforts and provide in-house assistance with your preservation questions. For more information about membership visit here! Current members and seasoned GV residents, please pass this information along to your new neighbors and join us in welcoming them to the Village!

From Neighbors 4 Neighbors, February 9, 2023 – available here