Summer, arguably Columbus’ most magical time of the year. Everywhere you look there’s a festival, a concert, a bar hop, a celebration. We here in Columbus know how to take advantage of our fleeting good weather better than any other city. All of the excitement makes it easy to get overwhelmed, on any given night there are countless events around the city! So let me help you break through the noise by introducing you to Haus und Garten Tour weekend in German Village.

German Village is known worldwide for its charm and beauty. One step onto these bricks and you’re swooning for a lost time. German Village didn’t just “happen.” It took years of hard work by the community and The German Village Society. The German Village Society is the nonprofit organization tasked with protecting the legacy of German Village, preserving it for generations to come. And this is no easy feat! But with the help of community members, tourists, and Haus und Garten Tour weekend The German Village Society is able to march on, advocating for, educating about and protecting the legacy and bricks of German Village. 

Haus und Garten Tour weekend is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. That is 60 years of stories, 60 years of preservation success, 60 years of neighbors opening their homes and gardens for all of central Ohio (and beyond!) to enjoy. The weekend kicks off with a little something we like to call PreTour. This is The German Village Society’s signature deconstructed gala – keyword: Deconstructed. Unlike any other gala in the city, you get to experience German Village in a way only residents can boast. It’s an intimate evening of fun and celebration. No boring seated dinner here; this is for those that like to experience the extraordinary.

As a PreTour guest, your evening begins with a VIP tour of the homes and gardens on Sunday’s Haus und Garten Tour, followed by three unique options to spend your evening. Our cocktail hour is short and sweet. Dinner guests get to enjoy a themed dinner in a private German Village home for the evening. And new this year, Schiller AfFARE is an extended cocktail hour serving up the best bites German Village has to offer. With something for everyone, you can’t go wrong.

As Tour guests on Sunday, you’ll have the option to enjoy Brunch in Schiller Park followed by an unmatched look inside German Village homes. They even boast a ‘fast-pass’ option so you can skip the lines and enjoy a free lunch. Talk about convenient.

No matter how you choose to participate in Haus und Garten Tour weekend, German Village thanks you. Your ticket purchases allow The German Village Society to continue to protect the German Village you love. Whether you enjoy our small shops, our stunning homes, our beautiful parks or the community that lives here – you’ll know you’re a part of this neighborhood because you’ve chosen to support The German Village Society’s Haus und Garten Tour weekend.

by Chelsey Craig