280 E Whittier – Pizzuti Development

Pizzuti Companies has filed a zoning request with the City of Columbus to being the process of redevelopment at the Giant Eagle site in Schumacher Place (Jaeger & Whittier). The German Village Society is working proactively with the Schumacher Place Civic Association and the Merion Village Association to ensure that the resulting development is an appropriate and positive design for all three affected neighborhoods.

We agree with the Schumacher Place Civic Association that we would support a project that follows the guidelines set forth in the City’s own planning documents – South Side Area Plan and/or C2P2 – particularly those related to density, scale, and parking.

Read the full statement from the GVS Board of Trustees here.

Visit Schumacher Place Civic Association for ongoing updates.

McGown Hotel Development Wickford Holdings has proposed a hotel for a site at Livingston & City Park. The last iteration seen by German Village Commission was not approved. We anticipate that the developer will return to GVC in the future with an updated design before filing any appeals with other government bodies, and we continue to monitor the situation closely.

Columbia Gas of Ohio Columbia Gas is in the process of installing new, safer, more efficient main lines throughout the City and German Village. The project is ongoing, and we will continue to provide the most up to date information below.

The next round of projects will affect residents in the areas around Lathrop and Jackson.

There will be a virtual community meeting on Thursday, February 18 at 5:15pm.

Project and meeting information is below, and the meeting link is here.