The German Village Commission meets monthly to review applications for Certificates of Appropriateness. These applications request Certificates of Appropriateness for projects ranging from new paint to new construction. The German Village Society publishes the applications in advance of each monthly meeting in order to provide residents with previews and the opportunity to study them prior to the Commission meeting. Residents are notified by email, or our weekly newsletter that they are published and available for preview.

As Caretakers of a Legacy, German Village residents are encouraged to participate in the Commission process. The public can do so in two ways:

1. Write a letter expressing your interest, support or concerns about an application. This letter can be read at the meeting, or submitted to the public record by providing it to the Historic Preservation Office staff at the meeting, or mailed in advance.

2. The public can speak directly to the Commission on any application while it is undergoing review during the meeting. To speak, one must fill out a speaker slip, indicating which agenda item they wish to speak on, and submit it to the HPO staff. The staff will then notify the Commission Chair that there are speakers and you will be invited to the podium at the appropriate time to speak. You will be given 3 minutes and are required to address the Commission, not the applicant.

For those wishing to express support or concern for an application, you may reference the German Village Guidelines or, if the application is for new construction, you may reference the Guidelines for New Construction (2007)  

When commenting on an application, it is helpful to cite the applicable guidelines that support your opinion. This will ensure that your commentary is substantive and clearly understood by the Commissioners.

Public input is a critical part of the Commission review process. Your opinions, thoughts and suggestions are an important component of maintaining the historic integrity of the district and are always welcome.

To view the March 2019 Commission Applications CLICK HERE

-Nancy Kotting