German Village Commission

The German Village Commission and the German Village Historic District were established by Ordinance # 976-60 and 1221-60 in 1960. The Commission Guidelines were adopted in 1989. The German Village Commission consists of seven (7) mayoral appointees who serve without compensation. It is the duty of the Commission to preserve, protect and enhance the unique architectural and historical features of the German Village Historic District.

The Commission considers applications and issues Certificates of Appropriateness for exterior alterations at properties located within the German Village Historic District boundaries, pursuant to Columbus City Code chapters 3116 and 3119 and the German Village District Guidelines.

Commission Meetings

When: First Wednesday of every month @ 4:00 pm

Where:  City of Columbus, 111 N. First St, 2nd Floor in room 204 (Hearing Room)

Parking: Free parking available – Enter from Ludlow St. off  W. Long St. Map here 



Any exterior changes to your home must go through the German Village Commission to receive a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA). There are two important reasons for this:

  1. To ensure that any changes are consistent with the German Village Guidelines
  2. To document the changes to these historic properties over time

This page will provide all of the information/resources you need for a successful application, but even for longtime residents and seasoned professionals, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you have any questions about the process, German Village Society is here to help.

Contact us at or (614) 221-8888.


  1. Determine the scope of work and whether you will be engaging an architect/contractor or performing the work yourself. It is highly recommended to engage a professional early in the process. If you need help finding a contractor with experience in historic districts, our partners at Columbus Landmarks Foundation can make recommendations.
  2. Refer to the German Village Guidelines for guidance and recommendations. The guidelines are not intended to be read as restrictions – they are more like a “cheat sheet” to maintaining your historic property and getting your work done as quickly and painlessly as possible! The guidelines were a joint effort between German Village residents, the City of Columbus, and specialists in architecture and historic preservation, and inside you will find hints about how to handle just about any situation you may encounter, from simple things like new paint or replacing a door to major renovations, additions, or new buildings.
  3. Download the Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness. You (and/or your contractor) will fill this out and include any additional materials required. These may be photos of the existing conditions, site plans or other architectural drawings, material samples, color swatches, etc.
  4. Package your application and additional materials as a PDF and email to no less than one month prior to the meeting at which you would like to be heard.


German Village Commission – general information, commissioner roster, meeting schedule, meeting agendas/minutes

German Village Guidelines

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness (direct download)

Columbus Landmarks Foundation

German Village Society or (614) 221-8888 with any questions.