Relax. The German Village Society is here to help. We have worked very hard, along with our partner in preservation, Columbia Gas, to make the necessary pipeline upgrade occurring throughout the district as convenient (and safe!) as possible for our residents.

As many of you may recall, we advocated retaining the historic integrity of the district when we learned of Columbia Gas’s plan to relocate all interior gas meters to the exterior of homes, with the front facade more than likely the location of choice.

This location posed the threat of an adverse impact upon the entire district and we went to work to try to mitigate it. The settlement agreement we finally obtained from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio requires that Columbia Gas consider the rear facade as the preferred location for meters. You can learn more about our settlement HERE.

We are heading into our second full season of this Columbia Gas project. What have your friends and neighbors experienced thus far in this process? What can you expect? Let us hear from a resident:

On February 27, my gas meter was moved from the basement to a hidden corner inside of my courtyard.  It is now accessible to service technicians and is hidden behind a small tree.  I am happy to report that this was a very easy process for me.

None of this would have happened if the leadership of the German Village Society had not become involved with working with Columbia Gas to find a unique solution for our unique neighborhood.  An agreement was formed between our little (but mighty!) neighborhood association and a giant utility to ensure that we are doing all we can to maintain our historic and beautiful streetscapes. 

Without the agreement, my meter would have been right on the sidewalk, being a hazard in case someone jumped the curb with a vehicle as well as looking ugly.  Let’s face it, the meters are just not attractive.

Huge thanks and appreciation go to the Columbia Gas representative that I worked with the determine the best out-of-the-way spot.  He was great and not at all the face of an impersonal utility; he was a friendly professional that made sure I knew what was going on and was happy with the results.

Miller Pipeline supplied the crew doing the work in my area.  The guys were all friendly and did a very good job.  At the time, I complimented them on – and thanked them for – their care of the bricks in the street and on the sidewalk.  They were placed carefully in stacks and none were damaged.  This may not be a big deal elsewhere, but we are entrusted for a short time with preserving what our forbearer put in place, even something like bricks.  Again, I was very pleased with the care and professional work that they did.

Thank you again to the German Village Society board and leadership!  Maintaining our neighborhood as closely as we can to historical integrity is exactly the mission we should pursue.

If you must have your meter moved yet, be sure to be in touch with Nancy at the GVS and work with closely with your Columbia Gas representative.  Everyone working together professionally will ensure that our beautiful neighborhood maintains its character.”

-N.H., Beck Street

Not sure if your home is on the list for 2019? Check THIS LIST.

Columbia Gas will be conducting a community meeting once again this spring to answer your questions about this project. We will notify residents once the date and location are determined.

-Nancy Kotting